Niche: Webcam Bedtime Stories

There are many reasons why a loved one may not be nearby to read a bedtime story to a child, but one company is making it easier for them to reconnect in a special way.

Be There Bedtime Stories was founded by Alison Sansone, a dedicated aunt. She wanted a fun way to keep in contact with her nieces, so she did a little digging and came up with a fun bedtime story business that would allow anyone with a webcam and Internet access say goodnight to the kids they love.

According to The Orange County Register, they have partnered with Blue Star Families to bring bedtime stories from moms and dads serving in the military to their children back home.

She originally thought about putting recording kiosks in big stores like Costco and Target and creating DVDs that could be mailed. But technology such as Skype and Videochat have become so widespread that Sansone adjusted her business model to allow people to record their stories using their own webcams, the Internet and a easy-to-use website.

The site has more than 200 children’s e-books from six publishers and a recording starts at $9.99.

“We’re giving free stories to Blue Star Families (a military support organization), and we’ve donated a supply of web cams to them to give to families here so the kids can read stories for their soldier parent to watch,” Sansone.

Sansone said, “Soldiers are moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles first. They are also our friends and neighbors. A webcam recorded bedtime story can connect them with their family in a powerful way, boosting their morale by letting them take off their helmet and put on their family hat for a while.”

Screenshot from Be There Bedtime Stories

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