5 Ways To Make Yourself More Marketable On The Job Market

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Drastically changing careers used to be only for those having their mid-life crisis in their 40s and 50s, but more and more younger people are hopping careers almost as soon as they enter the job market, unable to find one that “fits.” According to the London Evening Standard, “Graduate unemployment in the UK sits at 7.3 per cent; the average student leaves university with debts exceeding £44,000.”

University graduates are having a harder and harder time getting jobs in their fields and remaining satisfied in them. With all this job hopping and searching, it is important to make yourself as marketable for different jobs as possible, especially if you are doing a lot of career hopping.

Here are 5 ways to be more marketable on the job market.

1. Learn Another Language

Being bilingual will greatly increase your marketability on the job market. Any company that deals regularly with speakers of a non-native language has a great need for bilingual speakers. If you have minimal skills required to perform a certain position, but are also bilingual, you will have a heads up on the competition.

2. Play Up Special Skills

If you can draw, write, or juggle, presenting those skills in a way that makes them seem beneficial to your potential employer could greatly help in making you stand out in the competition. Make your special skill of baking delicious cupcakes seem indispensable.

3. Learn How To Spin Your Resume

Every job can be explained a number of ways. A simple retail job could be spun to highlight great customer service skills or great sales skills. An administrative job could be used to brag about your computer skills, organization skills, time management, or event planning. Think about the type of job you want, and use your resume to make it seem like you have already done it.

4. Take A Class

Education is not just about the degree that will give you a line on a resume. Taking a class at a community college that will give you skills to succeed can be a great marketing tool. Computer classes are especially helpful. If you are applying for office work, take a class in Microsoft Excel and market yourself as an Excel expert. Photography is another highly sought after skill that could help you in a variety of jobs, and taking a speech or public speaking class will greatly improve your interview abilities.

5. Taylor Your Cover Letter To Individual Jobs

Employers want to know how you are going to help them rather than the other way around. Jenny, at, suggests that, when applying to agencies, you “highlight aspects of past jobs that directly relate to the job you are applying for. You can even bold keywords so that your CV stands out.” Recruiters are looking for the best way to use you and will present you to potential employers in the manner that makes you look best. They need to quickly make the connection between you and the jobs they are hiring for.

While applying for jobs, there are often ways to make ends meet between jobs. Earn some extra income through telesales jobs, learn how to make passive income, or find a part time customer service position, which is another great skill that will help you in any future position you might take.

You never know how a small job could help you learn skills that makes you more marketable to employers, and ultimately get you the job you dream about.

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