Business owners will know that it is always the little, time-consuming tasks that get in the way of a productive day. These small tasks are often the source of much frustration and anxiety. There are however, many useful applications and services that relieve this pressure and allow you to get back to pushing the business forward. At the center of most admin tasks is the receptionist, and without the receptionist these little tasks are passed on elsewhere, slowing down other employees. The main problem with receptionists, as lovely as they are, is that they cost money. For small businesses a reception is a huge investment that may not payoff. As mentioned there are plenty of services to help in this respect, giving the benefits without the risk.

An in-house receptionist has long been the standard for managing business office systems, particularly fielding phone calls and handling messages. Streamlined office reception systems give larger businesses a distinct advantage in the ability to manage and direct high volumes of calls and enquiries, leaving smaller businesses flagging behind in this area. With eReceptionist systems, smaller businesses and sole operators no longer need to be left behind their much larger competitors. An eReceptionist provides your business with the key tools you need to manage your calls, even when it comes to passing on important messages and phone calls.

Retrieving voicemails can be time-consuming, inconvenient and can very easily constitute a large proportion of your monthly business mobile phone bill. Going through the motions of listening to voice prompts when checking your voice mail messages can be infuriating at the best of times, let alone when you’re under the pump with work. An eReceptionist service can be a huge help when it comes to dealing with a high volume of voice mail messages with a simple voice to email message system. Voice to email converts your voice mail messages to audio files and sends them straight through to your email inbox as attachments. This enables you to check your voice messages at your convenience, without having to go through the usual complicated and time-wasting series of prompts.

Voice to email can be especially helpful if you are in an area with bad mobile phone reception, or if you are travelling and don’t wish to run up excessive phone charges checking your messages. You are able to listen to your emails directly from your mobile if you’re on the go, or from your computer, both of which can be accessed over wi-fi networks as a cost-effective alternative to traditional voicemail. Each voice to email message gives you all of the information you need to know about the call, specifically the caller and time of their call, to enable you to prioritise your messages and respond to them accordingly.

If you are experiencing a high volume of calls but have a single business phone line, an untold number of customers may not be on the receiving end of the dreaded ‘engaged’ signal. Preventing missed calls means that you are preventing lost business opportunities. eReceptionist services offer a call overflow feature, which is a backup phone number that accepts incoming calls when your main number is busy. This benefits not only businesses with multiple staff as the ability to prevent missed calls by redirection to a message service is a huge advantage for sole traders.

When you are looking for virtual assistants or eReceptionists visit Zintel. The eReceptionist’s effective call management and messaging services such as voice to email and call overflow are designed to help you build and maintain a thriving small business.