Success With Organic Kids Meals

Heather Stouffer wants your kids to eat healthy, and her business makes it easy for you to pull together a meal while in a rush. Her company is called Mom Made Foods. She makes frozen, organic meals that parents can heat up and serve to their children without sacrificing a healthy diet in the process.

Stouffer, a 37-year-old Alexandria resident, started the business five years ago when her son Emory was about 1 year old. She and her husband were both working full-time — she in the technology industry and he as a newspaper reporter — and they were struggling to get dinner on the table each night before 9 p.m.

In search of an easy, quick and nutritious dinner option, Stouffer realized there wasn’t one.

“I am often very busy. But I won’t cut corners when it comes to my kids,” she says. “I quit my job, I kept my child in full-time day care, and then I did full time business planning for seven months.”

In June of 2006, Stouffer launched Mom Made Meals at the Del Ray Farmers’ Market in Alexandria. She stood behind a card table that morning peddling the four baby food products she’d created over the last year, and began her sometimes challenging climb to CEO of a national food brand.

Today, Stouffer specializes in healthy frozen foods for kids. Her products include Cheesy Mac, which is made with sweet potato and butternut squash puree, Bite-Size Turkey Meatballs, Cheese Pizza “Munchies,” and Bean Burritos, to name a few.

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