Nothing is safe from decoration, including car antenna’s. Obviously these devices are nothing new, but one inventor saw an opportunity to give them a makeover, reports Flea Market Zone.

One night three years ago, Dewayne Lytle was sitting in his car when lightning struck. “I was in a drive through, and I saw a decoration on the antenna of the car in front of me,” he recalls. “It was beaten up and kind of ratty, and I just found it interesting that people put these on their antennas. I decided to come up with a line of cute designs that could reflect people’s personalities and interests.”

Inspired, Lytle worked to design a line of car ornaments he calls “Tenna Tops.” And he broadened the appeal by including an elastic cord option that lets them hang from car mirrors. Now he’s up to 50 designs, and more are on the way. “Our goal is to release 10 new designs every year at a minimum, so that we always have new products coming out,” he says.

The suggested retail price is $3 for each Tenna Top, on down to three for $10. Wholesale, the price is $1.50 to $1.70 each, based on quantity.