Niche Biz: Hats

Thousand Oaks Acorn:

After Tom Romiski came up empty in his local search for the perfect cap, he opened Hats of Style in Thousand Oaks, where there’s a perfect “cap” for everyone.

“The (local) department stores didn’t carry anything close to what I was looking for,” Romiski said. “I couldn’t find fedoras, I couldn’t find derby hats, I couldn’t find pork-pie hats. . . . The only option was to go to Hollywood and spend a fortune.”

Since his business opened on Thousand Oaks Boulevard in November, the 35-year-old entrepreneur has earned a reputation for stocking his shelves with hard-to-find selections, including cowboy hats, ivy caps, bowlers and top hats.

“I opened the store as a means of getting customers the kind of hats you can’t find around here,” Romiski said. “Our prices vary (but) you can find a great hat for under $25.”

Photo by Lenore Edman

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