According to, Cindy and Laura Ormson started their business in 2007. It has been 3 years since they launched their clothing line and their basement-based business is still booming.

Laura Ormson, co-founder of Wear to Win, has been golfing since she was kid and didn’t like the options available when it came to outfits for the course. “I’ve grown up playing golf since I was 12 years old, I competed at Penn High School and at various junior tournaments and just really noticed a lack of stylish youthful clothing for young golfers.”

So Laura and her mom Cindy decided they could make a change.

A friend recommended the two call the Small Business Center in South Bend. They did, and now after three years, the Ormson’s basement has become the club house of women’s golf wear.

From their fresh fun prints, to their innovative designs, Wear to Win is meant to be a stylish, but comfortable line of clothing.

“We really just pick what’s beautiful what we think is beautiful,” says Laura. “All of our fabrics are moisture-wicking. We have some organic cottons so they breathe really easily. So, when you’re sweating it’s not, you’re not getting too hot. We also developed these special under shorts which are moisture-wicking.”

Images from Wear To Win