Scientists and marketers say that allergy-free peanuts are almost ready for the shelves (and the school cafeteria, and the ballpark, and every where else peanuts are banned.)


Even the lowly winter coat is ripe for innovation.

Would you wear a “Suitsy” — a pair of pants, a white shirt and a jacket, all sewn together?


This financial startup is to solve a financial problem most people don’t even realize they have: 401k mismanagement.


There’s a silver lining to the rising wages in China: manufacturing jobs are moving back to the United States.

Service Businesses

If I started an errand service our motto would be: “We drive around and do your stuff so don’t have to.” Alas, one new Chicago errand service chose a similar slogan.

Will Uber single-handedly bring back medical house calls? They’re trying.

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