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As an entrepreneur, you likely already know how important social media is to future success. Here’s the thing, though: Most businesses today are stuck in the past, and they’ve worked themselves into a position where they’re woefully underprepared for the realities of today’s business environment. This is especially the case with small businesses, which do not understand that failing to have a social media strategy is akin to signing their death warrants.

Your spider sense must be tingling now, because, as an entrepreneur, you understand that this problem presents a business opportunity. If these businesses need a social media strategy, then someone can make a mint by providing it. That’s exactly why we want to introduce you to a turnkey social media business called SocialOwl.

What is SocialOwl?

SocialOwl is built on a simple premise. The first part of that is what we’ve already outlined: that small businesses need a social media strategy to be successful. The second part is that many independent entrepreneurs may lack the technological skill to effectively meet this need.

So, what does SocialOwl do, then? They provide an entrepreneur like you with all of the tools necessary to offer small businesses (and even midsize and large businesses, if you’re adventurous) a comprehensive social media strategy. In essence, they’ve built a comprehensive platform for creating and implementing these strategies. They need entrepreneurs like you to find the businesses that need to be matched with their platform.

What Does SocialOwl Do?

With their platform, you can offer businesses an assessment of their current social media state, and then explain how the SocialOwl platform will instantly improve their social media strategy with cutting-edge features. For example, you can explain how social owl will allow that business to offer deals to customers through their social media profiles, as well as how those platforms can be used to increase engagement with those customers.

Once signed up, that business is now your business. On your end, you receive all of the support you could ever want from SocialOwl, right down to the written content that you’ll use to promote that business on social media. In turn, you can provide the business (or businesses) with which you’re working with ongoing monitoring of their social media reputation and other analytics. To accomplish this, SocialOwl provides you with your own branded website through which to offer your services. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

How Do I Get Started With Social Owl?

If you’ve already got experience with social media, then working with SocialOwl should sound like a no-brainer. They work as a reseller program, which means that you pay a flat monthly fee to use their service, along with a nominal fee for each business that you sign up. Given the fact that you get a website to start with, along with all of the ongoing support you could ever want, you’re getting a huge bang for your entrepreneurial dollar.

If you want to learn more about their rates, and how you can get set up today, then visit their website at . 

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