Start Your Own Graffiti Removal Business

Just look around and you’ll see that graffiti is all over – homes, office buildings, fences – making reliable removal an in-demand service. Rarely is graffiti decorative art, rather acts of vandalism. And the sooner it’s gone, the better.

It can be overwhelming and painstaking for homeowners and business owners to remove it themselves. They would much rather pay good money to have someone do it for them. That’s where you come in.


Removing graffiti doesn’t require any prior experience on your part. You can fairly quickly learn the art of graffiti removal techniques and the different chemicals involved. Then with a little trial and error, like which products work best on which surfaces, you can soon become a sought-after expert.

With low startup costs, (a truck or trailer, pressure washer, cleaning supplies), you’ll be able to become profitable fairly quickly. Start off working for yourself until business is booming, then you can hire someone part-time to help out on jobs.

Give some serious thought to owning your own graffiti removal business. You could make yourself, and others in your city, very happy you did.

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