What to Consider When Hiring Staff

What to Consider When Hiring Staff

Is your startup beginning to get some wind behind its sails? Is it getting harder and harder for you and the other founders to stay on top of everything? Then it’s time to bring on staff.

Depending upon your previous professional experience, it’s entirely possible that you may have a very limited understanding of what goes into the hiring process. This can cause problems with startups, as brining on the right people at the business’ nascent stages is critically important.


While there’s plenty to be said for the actual process of hiring, it’s important that you understand the big picture. For that reason, we’re going to look into the things that you should keep in mind when hiring for your startup.

Building Your Knowledge and Experience Base

Some are possessed of a misconception about hiring. They believe that it’s their job to bring in underlings. While you’ll be hiring people who won’t share your job title, you’re not, in fact, hiring people who aren’t as skilled, intelligent or experienced as you are.

You goal, as it so happens, should be to hire people who are more experienced, more skilled and more knowledgeable than you are. When hiring, you’re trying to improve the “brain trust” of your startup. So, make sure you check your ego at the door.


Chemistry Is Extremely Important

Speaking of egos, the other important thing to keep in mind when hiring is the chemistry of your team. Right now, your business is only comprised of a few people, and how those people work with one another is extremely important.

Therefore, when you’re interviewing potential candidates, make sure you’re envisioning how those candidates will fit in with the people who are already a part of the team. Even if a candidate is exceptionally gifted in the ways outlined above, if they can’t integrate into your team, then all of that experience, skill and knowledge will go to waste.

What Are You Inviting People Into?

Attracting top candidates to your startup is tough work. However, it all begins with the business itself. Think about the way that your business operates and what it might offer a potential candidate. Then ask yourself this question: If you were given the opportunity to work at your startup, would you?




If the answer is no, then you need to ask yourself why? Are the hours too long? Are the interpersonal relationships too contentious? Whatever it is, you’ll want to fix it sooner rather than later. If you wouldn’t want to work for your startup if given the choice, then why would anyone else?

Take Your Time

While your need for new staff may be urgent, don’t let that urgency dictate the pace of your hiring process. As has already been emphasized, it’s not about bringing bodies into your business; it’s about bringing in the right people. Doing that is something that’s going to take time, and you’re likely going to have to interview more than a few candidates. So, keep your priorities straight, learn what you can about the hiring process, and get to it.


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