Become an Expert Merchandise Demonstrator

Still searching for an idea for your next business opportunity? Merchandise demonstrators, also called “product specialists” teach potential customers about various products including food, cosmetics, electronics and appliances. They set up a display, greet customers, demonstrate a product and answer questions – the goal being to increase branding and sell merchandise.

Most merchandise demonstrators start out small, like handing out samples at a grocery store for anywhere from $25-$50 a day. From that point, it’s a matter of working your way up through networking. Eventually, start establishing relationships with large corporations for a chance to represent them at trade shows and conventions.


Your options include traveling year-round to trade shows, demonstrating products for just one specific company, or displaying your talents for many different types of manufacturers.

The best part? Low start-up costs. You can get started in the business for less than $1,000. All you initially need are a few self-promo pieces. Think creatively here. It’s worth it to spend a little extra to set yourself apart and get a foot in the door.

The best merchandise distributors become product experts. Educate yourself on the product you’ll be representing. Get to know it inside and out enough to intelligently answer any questions that may arise. Just remember, the more you know, the more money you’ll make!

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