The Syndey-based startup Qwilr is hoping to send unattractive, static business documents away forever and instead replace them with beautiful, dynamic webpages.

Founded by Dylan Baskind and Mark Tanner, Qwilr allows you to easily create webpages – with plugins like Google Maps, video and analytics – as easily as you can create static documents in Microsoft Office, Google Docs or PDFs. They’re totally reinventing document software.

The platform combines the ease of document creation with the power and beauty of websites. Qwilr Pages are data rich, interactive and dynamic. Everything business documents as we know them are not. And these webpages can be saved, copied and reused – just like a document.

Users can sign up and create Qwilr pages for free, or can upgrade to monthly subscriptions for access to features like advanced analytics and password- or time-limited security.

Qwilr, currently a team of five based in Sydney, recently announced a successful seed funding round of AUD$500,000 from local investors including Sydney Seed Fund and Macdoch Ventures. With its seed funding, the startup plans to build its premium version by adding deeper analytics and features, as well as invest in good engineering and digital marketing talent.

What do you think? Can we finally say goodbye to ugly, boring and static documents? It would take a lot to get people used to the idea, but maybe this is the kickstart we need.