10 of the Best Coffee Franchises You Should Know

Despite the fact that you feel like you can find a coffee shop on every corner,  our list of best coffee franchises are some of the fastest growing and most profitable franchises in America. Compared to other food and beverage franchises, they can be less difficult to start, and they can also be more easily scaled depending on the size of your investment.

As the market has gotten more competitive, more and more franchises are branching out of just coffee, serving teas, juices, baked goods, and even prepared meals. Finding the right franchise for you will depend on your preferences and experience, the amount of investment you have available, as well as the competition you’ll be facing in your local area. Listing Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts would be a little too obvious as they are some of the most ubiquitous chains in the country, here are a few others that might present great opportunities on our list of best coffee franchises.

1. Caribou Coffee

Though Caribou Coffee does not have as many locations as Starbucks, it is still incredibly large with great brand recognition for its specialty coffees and its less corporate atmosphere.

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

CBTL continues to grow and spread across the country. Though it used to be most famous on the West Coast and internationally, it’s become a popular choice in major cities in New York, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

3. The Coffee Beanery

This Michigan-based coffee shop continues to bring good sales numbers to franchisees and offers a large menu of sandwiches and other meals in addition to its coffee, espresso, and teas.

4. Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Peet’s was originally founded in the San Francisco area in the late 1960s. Smaller than some of other big brands, it has maintained its edgy and counterculture vibe, making it a hit with urbanites and young professionals.

5. Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best is actually owned by Starbucks, but is marketed to more cost conscious consumers. With its affordably priced coffee and drinks, it has won over its own crowd across the U.S. it rounds out our top five of best coffee franchises.

6. Lavazza

Lavazza is by far the most popular coffee chain in Italy, but still only has a foothold in America. It’s getting new customers because of its focus on internationally sourced and sustainable coffee.

7. Gloria Jean

Founded in the U.S. and famous throughout the world, Gloria Jean’s Coffee is a great franchise with a large menu, quality coffee, and attractive merchandise.

8. Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros. is one of the fastest growing coffee shop franchises in the country, and many are opening up new locations due to the low franchise fees and start-up costs. The coffee’s great too!

9. Au Bon Pain

This is a popular chain throughout the east coast and in many major cities. It’s as well known for its large selection of baked good as it is for its coffee.

10. Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton’s is one of the most beloved coffee shop franchises throughout Canada. Though it’s still making its name in America, it boasts a long history of successful expansion and growth