What You Didn’t Know About Shark Tank’s SkinnyShirt

If you’re a regular viewer of the show Shark Tank, you probably remember SkinnyShirt, a company that appeared on the January 9 episode. The mind behind the idea is Julie Kalimian. She added a collar to a tight-fitting shirt in order to create a piece that could be worn beneath a sweater while still keeping one’s appearance neat. Whether you’re a customer or not, it was a great idea that landed her a payday on the show. Here are five cool facts about the company.

Kalimian Is a Working Mom

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Kalimian also holds down another important job: mother. She has four young children at home. However, instead of looking at motherhood and the business world as two things that could never coexist, Kalimian actually found a way to make them work together.

Being a mother of four children means a lot of sleepless nights. Kalimian would use this time to focus on her idea. When she was waiting for her kids in the parking lot of their school, she was on the phone and using her computer to conduct business.

She Had Help from Friends

It also helped that Kalimian had some great friends. Coming from a corporate background, she missed some of the collaborative efforts she used to take part in. After enlisting the help of her sisters and girlfriends, her company got off the ground. To this day, she still asks this group of ladies for their opinions.

Bad Businesses Led Her to Shark Tank

At first, Kalimian tried working with manufacturers on her own. However, she was ripped off by more than a couple of them, resulting in lackluster products after taking as much as a 70% deposit. Finally, Kalimian knew she needed help to make SkinnyShirt a success, but wouldn’t risk any more shady business deals. It was then that she decided to audition for Shark Tank. As luck would have it, she was asked on the show!

Her Idea Really Works

To some, the idea behind SkinnyShirt may seem too simple to sell. Clearly, they’ve never dealt with the frustration of trying to wear a nice, collared shirt under a sweater without the former getting bunched up or the two disagreeing on where to land on the body.

Aside from resolving those issues, SkinnyShirt is also great for providing a more slender appearance. The fact that it’s made from 97% cotton means wearing a SkinnyShirt is also extremely comfortable.

Kalimian Wants to Take SkinnyShirt Bigger

While the shirt is definitely a success at the moment, Kalimian didn’t get to where she is by thinking small. Right now, her product is featured in a number of different retailers. However, she dreams of seeing them available in big box stores, too.

Her company was already featured on QVC in February, which means if she can keep this momentum up, her dream will probably soon be realized.

SkinnyShirt should be an inspiring story for every breed of entrepreneur. Kalimian didn’t let anything hold her back; she asked for help when she needed it; and she’s always looking for even greater successes.