5 Cool New Tech Toys for Kids

This year’s new tech toys feature something for kids of all shapes, sizes and interests. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest for a special little one if your life, there are lots to choose from.

Here are 5 to keep an eye on:

Bitsbox ($30/month)

Each month, Bitxbox subscribers receive a new coding product for kids ages 6-12. Each box also contains an activity book with over 12 apps to build and app trading cards with lines of code on the back. Kids pick the project they want to do, then go online to type out the code and run the app on the screen on Bitbox’s virtual tablet. They can then send the app to their device or share it on social media.

Compose Yourself ($14.99)

Any child can compose his/her own music with this revolutionary musical cards and website combo. Each of the 60 cards contain the musical notation for a musical riff. Kids arrange the cards in any order and then enter the card codes into the website to hear their composition played by a full symphony orchestra. By flipping and rotating the cards, kids can create over 200 million possible combinations. For ages 6 and up.

Meccanoid GS15KS (399.95)

The Meccanoid from Spin Master is a robot that measures about 4 feet tall and can be programmed to move in a specific sequence of steps. Featuring Learned Intelligent Movement, the robot learns how to move by watching a human or by being moved by a human.

Roominate rPower ($19.99)

Funded by Mark Cuban after an appearance on Shark Tank, Roominate is a startup that makes building systems for girls that included circuits (to make things move), modular pieces and universal joints. Roominate rPower is an add-on Bluetooth hub that allows girls to program the building sets’ electronics by using the phone or tablet. After downloading the free app, girls use their devices to regulate the motors, lights, buzzers and everything else they have built into their designs. The new Roominate kits with rPower connectivity include Amusement Park ($49.99), School ($49.99), Townhouse ($39.99), RV ($29.99) and School Bus ($29.99). For ages 6 and up.

Goodnight Callilou App ($6.99)

The Goodnight Callilou app from Budge Studio helps make bedtime easier, and more fun, for kids ages 2-5. This educational app will have kids counting, piecing together puzzles and learning about hygiene while they play. They’ll help Callilou brush his teeth, count sheep and catch shooting stars before it’s time for him to fall asleep.