Indispensable Tools for Today’s Entrepreneur

Are you trying to make it as an entrepreneur? Is it turning out to be a bit more difficult than you thought? If so, that’s probably a sign you’re on the right path. Being an entrepreneur has never been easy. However, with the following tools, you’ll probably find yourself making more progress in the near future.



There are so many books out there on entrepreneurship that you owe it to yourself to constantly keep tapping these assets for advice. Audible is a great way to do it. Depending on the package you go with, you’ll pay as little as $15 a month for audio books. This alone is a good deal, but the subscription service means that you’ll keep getting prompted every month to continue your education. Whether it’s a book on business management, the bio of a successful businessperson or a manual for something like WordPress, there’s so much for an entrepreneur to learn and Audible makes it simple.


When working with others, it goes without saying that you’ll need to be sharing documents fairly regularly, maybe even every day. You could have employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, developers or any of a number of other people you need to send documents to. Doing so over email is outdated. It’s just too inconvenient and even risky to do as an entrepreneur.

Instead, use Dropbox as a central location to keep documents on the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere. Dropbox allows you to give permission to users before they can access specific documents and also makes it possible for them to save changes they make.


If your entrepreneurial venture involves emailing a large number of people all at once, you’re going to want Mailchimp on your side. This platform is a staple in the toolbox of many entrepreneurs and for good reason. Over eight million use it to send some 600 million messages every day. Leverage subscription services, customer profiles, automation, personalization tools and far more.


Every entrepreneur needs a website for their business. There are more resources than ever before for building such a site, too. You may go out and hire a developer to do so, for example. However, this could give you a lot of unnecessary overhead early on.

Instead, take a week or two to learn how WordPress works. This user-friendly platform has been the centerpiece of millions of websites all over the world. From blogs to major corporation sites, WordPress has proven it’s the best for building websites.

Google Analytics

Once your website is up and running, you’re going to need a way to learn who is visiting it, aside from just looking at your actual customers. You also want to know who is showing up, but not buying. After all, how else will you change that? Google Analytics remains the most powerful tool for gaining information about your market so you can grow your customer base.


There is no end to the tools you have available to you today as an entrepreneur. Start with the ones above, though, and then later on branch out to see what else is out there.