Top New Franchises

Top New Franchises to Invest In

Regardless of the size of your initial investment, opportunities for top new franchises abound and are waiting for people like you to snatch them up.


We’ve got a wide range of businesses from which to choose – from new trends to established industries. And they vary in price ranges – from start-up costs of under $10,000 to over those $150,000. But they all have one thing in common – they’ve managed to find success in under five years of being franchises.

Now is the time. Browse our list of the best new franchises to invest in, and share in the wealth.

British Swim School-franchise

British Swim School, USA

Min Investment: $50,000
British Swim School was created to provide new franchise owners with a feeling of fulfillment and purpose in helping save children’s lives. Unlike the other swim schools, British Swim School owners don’t need a great deal of money to get their businesses up and running. British Swim School has spent years developing partnerships with existing organizations to find existing pools for its franchise owners to utilize. The organization reaches more than 6,000 students per week and conducted more than 250,000 swimming lessons in 2013.



Min Investment: $200,000
From the crust up SKINNYPIZZA is one of the top new franchises on which you can proudly build your future. This concept is uniquely poised to satisfy the demands of the fast-growing number of customers calling for organic and all-natural foods. SKINNYPIZZA locations range in size from 600 to 2,500 square feet and thrive near central business districts, business parks, industrial parks, hospitals and universities. Its comprehensive 4-week training program provides everything necessary to manage an efficient restaurant operation.

Mosquito Joe-franchise

Mosquito Joe

Min Investment: $30,000
The need for mosquito control is top of mind these days with the threat of insect-borne illness, so there’s never been a better time to invest in a Mosquito Joe . Like many other new franchises, no experience is necessary with the ongoing training and support you’ll receive from our team of experts across operations, marketing, finance and customer service. The low franchise fee and fast startup add up to a great low investment opportunity with limited staff needed and no retail location build-out necessary.



Min Investment: $50,000
Become a Doobster Licensee for a State or Designated Market Area (DMA). Doobster is a revolutionary application technology, which features fast, safe and discreet marijuana delivery in legal markets nationwide. With an easy-to-use system, Doobster skyrockets your earning potential by giving you the streamlined tools necessary to manage consumer demand.



Min Investment: $100,000
GoTelecare is the perfect way to virtualize doctor visits while reducing billing costs. Unique among new franchises, GoTelecare has created the most comprehensive telehealth video consultation and medical billing services for medical practices, healthcare facilities and healthcare services organizations. Become a franchisee in this exciting healthcare solution for medical service providers and their patients. As a franchisee, your main objective is client acquisition and minor account management – GoTelecare will take care of all the rest.

Hobby Quest-franchise

Hobby Quest

Min Investment: $30,000
Hobby Quest’s franchisee model has been developed as a home-based business, making it popular among today’s new franchises. The primary business of Hobby Quest is after school programs for children aged 5 to 14 years old, working mainly with and in schools and community centers. The secondary line of business is providing outlets for children through such activities as summer camps, birthday parties, Boy Scouts functions and private classes. To ensure quality and consistency, Hobby Quest operates a network of support in the vital areas related to the development and operation of each franchise.

Imagination Yoga-franchise

Imagination Yoga

Min Investment: $7,000
Imagination Yoga is a curriculum-based kids yoga program that inspires real change in the lives of children. Not only is it a fun and effective kids yoga class, it is also an opportunity to teach them concepts like compassion, concentration, relaxation and something they call being ‘Boldly kind.’ Imagination Yoga instructors teach children ages 2 through 12 yoga poses and concepts by having them act out adventure stories set in farms, castles, outer space and more.



Min Investment: $150,000
When you become part of a Securis IT asset destruction franchise, you have immediate access to a business model that has been developed, market-tested and continually refined over the years. As a new franchise owner, you leverage our complete lists of approved equipment and suppliers, plus fully documented standards, specifications and procedures for operations and management control. You will also benefit from all the training and assistance that the Securis team of well-rounded, support-minded experts provides.

Amada Senior Care-franchise

Amada Senior Care

Min Investment: $50,000
Non-medical, in-home care is big business and it’s at the core of what Amada does – but it’s not the only way you’ll make money as an Amada Senior Care franchise partner. Our franchise partners also help families secure the best possible assisted living arrangements for their loved ones. What makes it stand out among new franchises is a unique system that allows  partners to generate additional income while offering families caring guidance right through the senior care process. possible assisted living arrangements for their loved ones.



Min Investment: $100,000
uBreakiFix is a new franchise opportunity that offers both mail-in and walk-in repairs of electronics including smartphones, tablets, computers and video game consoles. uBreakiFix is a name customers can trust, with a low-price promise and industry-leading quality guarantees. By combining a highly sought-after service with healthy margins, a passion for customer service, advanced metrics and nationwide operating experience, we found the model could be successfully replicated for franchisees. We have since opened and supported more than 90 affiliate locations, with unmatched and resounding success.

French Fry Heaven-franchise

French Fry Heaven

Min Investment: $60,000
French Fry Heaven is a unique, niche-creating brand, with a low-cost model with which to build a new franchise portfolio. The French Fry Heaven franchise team will assist you with site selection to the point of visiting every potential franchise location before you sign a lease. The French Fry Heaven franchise menu features food that is wildly popular. The menu also provides a multitude of healthy options, making it one of the top food franchises for nutrition-seeking consumers.


BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center

Min Investment: $40,000
Growing quickly among new franchises, BeBalanced is an innovative natural hormone balancing weight loss program that has helped thousands of women. BeBalanced Centers are the only franchise to provide solutions that directly address the problem for women (age 35+) struggling to lose stubborn weight and deal with other hormonal issues, like insomnia, hot flashes, and anxiety. An owner of a BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center, you can be proud to offer a program on the cutting edge of natural health, which deeply impacts the lives of women.



Min Investment: $30,000
The Filta Group provides Environmental Kitchen Solutions to restaurants and other food establishments. Filta’s services naturally preserve the environment, by extending the life of cooking oil with the FiltaFry service, recycling waste oil into biodiesel with FiltaBio and reducing energy consumption and food waste with the FiltaCool product. Filta believes that if the training is good and the system is good, that a good Franchise system should generally be able to take any driven individual and turn him or her into a success story.



Min Investment: $100,000
WhoZaGood offers an exciting, new franchise opportunity for someone who has extensive experience and credibility in a specific industry and wants to make a significant difference in shaping the future of that industry. WhoZaGood’s system of rating businesses brings integrity and transparency to the online rating and review process. They give you results ordered by authentic ratings rather than a business’s knowledge of search terms or ability to buy its way to the top, and they replace subjective reviews with science and analytics.