There’s a lot to choose from in terms of business travel tech on the market today. Whether you’re a big spender, or operating a small business with a tight budget, there’s something out there to help keep you connected and productive – and make travel safer and easier.


We hand-picked some of the latest and greatest high-tech gear that you shouldn’t leave home without.

Keep Your Items in One Place

The Knomo Knomad Mini Portable Organizer is ($60) folio case that can hold an iPad Mini, or any 8-inch tablet, plus a passport, cards and spare cash. Straps hold a pen and a USB thumb drive. Space is provided for our slim battery pack (not included on this version). It’s the ultimate companion for business travel. Everything you need for your business day all in one place. Available in black, blue or olive.

Secure Your Money for Business Travel

Many business travelers make it a habit to never take cash on business trips due to security issues. Now, they don’t have to worry about the company credit card, either because of a prepaid travel money card from the likes of PrePay Solutions. Prepaid travel money cards are a secure, convenient way to take travel money abroad and a much better alternative than traveler’s checks, foreign currency and other payment options including a debit or credit card. You can reload extra cash in case of emergencies during business travel, and the travel money cards are accepted just about anywhere.

Create a Smartwatch That Suits Your Style

Complete your stylish ensemble for business travel with the Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch ($250). Customize your own look with the “Build Your Own” feature on the website. Choose the face (either light or dark with several different designs), type of band (leather or metal) and watch case. Reminders pop up about flights and meetings, and you can do searches by speaking. The battery lasts about one full day and requires an Android phone.

Keep Track of Your Luggage

What’s more annoying than getting to your destination, and your luggage is nowhere to be found? Not much. With so many suitcases lost every year, you can’t really trust airlines anymore with your most important personal belongings. One solution is Eviate eTrack & eTag. The Eviate eTrack is a gadget that tells you where your luggage is at all times, alerts you when it’s on the baggage carousel and lets you know if it has been opened at any time during its journey. The Eviate eTag, which will be available later this year, is a digital baggage tag which allows passengers to skip long lines and save time by checking in at home. eTag uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone and change the barcode on its E Ink screens. Controlling eTag & eTrack is easy with the dedicated Eviate app.

Pack the “Smart” Suitcase for Business Travel

Sticking with the luggage theme, Bluesmart Luggage (pre-order for $339), is the smartest suitcase out there for business travel.You can lock and unlock it with a smartphone app. The app also allows you to track your business trips, including total miles traveled. Once you hand over the suitcase to a travel agent, you can track its location on a map. Bluesmart includes a built-in battery pack for charging devices, and it even weighs itself. Its dimensions are 21.5” (h) x 14” (w) x 9” (d).