ActiveRx Franchise Is Redefining Aging

ActiveRx has been quickly fulfilling its mission through opening new locations across the country. The mission: to help older Americans age successfully, restoring vitality and the ability to live life to its fullest through its scientificially proven Stengtherapy System that regenerates years of functional strength.


The Strengtherapy system regenerates years of functional strength with a modest investment of time. ActiveRx members experience powerful, life-altering improvements in function, balance and fall prevention, disease prevention and vast improvements in quality of life. At its Strengtherapy Centers, ActiveRx facilitates these amazing transformations in an empowering and nurturing community that is committed to a culture of caring in an atmosphere that is vibrant and fun.

ActiveRx is the premiere destination for people 60 and older looking to enhance their quality of life by increasing not only the power of their bodies but also their confidence, camaraderie and independence.

There are currently 11 locations operating in eight states, and ActiveRx has executed agreements that will add 20 new centers to its nationwide network. Before the end of 2015, company executives anticipate closing an additional 10-15 franchise agreements and 20-25 more by the end of 2016.

Entrepreneurs interested in working with older adults and who believe in the opportunity that this population represents are strategically well positioned for long-term growth. ActiveRx’s franchise model — designed and built specifically to facilitate life-long active aging — is based on two decades of scientific research surrounding the often-overlooked importance of strength and its connection to physical function, falls and disease prevention, independence and quality of life — in aging.


ActivelyRx is actively seeking qualified candidates who have the skills, the drive and the resources to open multiple franchise locations or to serve as one of their Master Developers. Could this be you?

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