Tools To Grow Your Sales Sky High

Tools To Grow Your Sales Sky High 

Looking for a fast, popular, easy yet effective way to do better marketing and make your sales go sky-high? Cloud based tools are the answer! Much like the way technology has changed the entire structure of our lives, Cloud tools have transformed the way a company can go about marketing their products and services on the internet. Many organizations are increasingly using cloud technology for their products and services to reach out to every customer and user in a convenient way through a digital experience that is integrated and helps in advertising.

The “Cloud” has become a huge buzz in technology today and is being used by every business big and small to help them with marketing in a creative, low cost and effective way. It is easy to implement and helps you manage with less help from IT resources. If you have a small business and are trying to manage with very little resources, switch to cloud technology now and run your business smoothly.

There are many categories into which Cloud marketing can be divided. The ones considered most popular of them are social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.), website marketing, virtual events, document storage, and CRM and marketing automation. Manage your business better and without spending much money by using the following cloud based tools:


Founded in 2006 and launched in December 2007, Hubspot is a marketing software company which helps various companies get more customers by attracting potential buyers in a subtle and natural way. It helps your business transform and change the marketing style from outbound to inbound lead generation calls. It is the best tool if you are looking for an indirect and yet effective marketing approach. Using Hubspot, you can build a library of personalized email templates and sales content that you can access right from your inbox and also see useful metrics on which email templates and content are getting opened and clicked.

This tool is best for:

  • Small scale entrepreneurs
  • Subtle yet effective campaigning
  • Integrated tracking of prospective customers




This cloud based marketing tool helps businesses of all kinds and sizes to develop and maintain an engaging relationship with their customers in a powerful and easy way. You can improve your marketing accountability and drive revenues using this tool. Turn your business dream into a reality and look up Marketo today to set up free of cost and also get a free trial!

This tool is best for:

  • Customer engagement marketing
  • Real time customization
  • Market automation and management


Sales Fusion:

This is one cloud based tool that will help your business get a modern and innovate approach towards marketing. Using data-driven strategies and making use of component that are technically inclined does not usually prove helpful and feasible to small businesses with less resources and small budgets. In such a scenario, Sales Fusion will help businesses to attract prospects and improve communications, which, in turn, helps businesses succeed and continuously keep improving in various areas. Sales Fusion is built by marketers, for marketers, and creates customized digital conversations. Convey your message to the right department at the right time by choosing Sales Fusion today.

This tool is best for:

  • Building better customer relations
  • Amateur or budding businessmen
  • Maintain healthy competition




A marketing tool which is easy to use, Pardot, with its B2B Marketing Automation solution offered by Salesforce, will help your business management, marketing and sales team to increase efficiency and bring in more revenue. Pardot was founded in 2007 by David Cummings and Adam Blitzer. This cloud based tool allows marketing departments to conceptualize, deploy, and manage digital marketing campaigns from one centralized and fully loaded platform. With its global services and its focus on innovation and generating revenue goals, Pardot makes it customers feel secure and confident that they will always be on the cutting edge of marketing technology.

This tool is best for:

  • Setting a standardized quality
  • Tracking and converting leads
  • Solidifying both customer and peer relationships



Act-On is a marketing automation company for fast-growing businesses. From demand generation to brand awareness, to retention and customer loyalty, the Act-On technology enables marketers to usher inpositive business outcomes. This cloud based tool gives simple solution to complex solutions, and helps your business expand and grow. Act-On offers a platform where you can tie various programs of your business together generate maximum return on investments in the marketing sector.

This tool is best for:

  • Robust and ambitious enterprises
  • Effective market management
  • Email marketing




Infusionsoft was found in 2001 and is in the lead today when it comes to providing a software to help small businesses with their marketing and sales processes. This cloud based tool accelerates small business growth with technology, marketing strategy, sales push, and a think tank of industry leaders, business process owners, coaches, and mentors. If your business is in need of a new lead or if you want to make sales faster, Infusionsoft provides one platform for you from where you can manage your departments and campaigns and makes tasks such as follow-up (which can be a bit tedious and repetitive) in much easier and convenient ways.

This tool is best for:

  • Saving on costs
  • Supporting small and medium scale enterprises
  • Sharing and dependable storage options



Looking for a cloud based tool that will provide you with a simple solution to out market your competition and help facilitate the growth of your business? Then OutMarket is the answer for you! OutMarket provides a platform where you can manage various things for your business such as managing social media, email marketing, press outreach etc., easily and conveniently. Choose this marketing automation software to fulfill all your business needs and achieve best results!

This tool is best for:

  • Fighting intense competition
  • Managing multiple tasks at once
  • Sharing the word about your business



LeadSquared provides you with sales insights, marketing insights, and lead management index to help your business grow. By associating yourself and your business with LeadSquared, you can get clear and helpful insights about your campaigns, lead sources and understand what product offerings or sales offering can help your business. With LeadSquared’s capture automation, you can increase the traffic on your website and attract people using emails or through online campaigns.

This tool is best for:

  • Gathering market information
  • Develop insights for better planning
  • Converting leads to sales


Oracle Eloqua:

This cloud-based tool is the easiest and most powerful marketing automation software that can be used by companies and businesses of all types and sizes. It aligns marketing and sales processes to boost revenue performance. With services and facilities such as the Eloqua AppCloud, you can reach your customers and your partners in an easy manner improve your sales through better communication. Connect with Oracle Eloqua now and social media marketing and insightful marketing and sales analysis on a single marketing platform.

This tool is best for:

  • Non-technical business people
  • Entrepreneurs who multitask
  • Venturing out onto a global platform

Feel free to use this list and grow your business the way you have always dreamed of.






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