7 Apps Plumbers Should Know and Use

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 7 Apps Plumbers Should Know and Use

Today, tradespeople such as plumbers need to level up to compete with the rest of the market. If your business is plumbing, you could explore new business models to get ahead of the competition. Or you could try a less complicated route with plumbing dispatch software to help you be more operationally efficient and help you in growing your business.

Check out the list of apps we offer here that you can use to improve your plumbing business while sticking to your traditional business model.


7 Apps for the Trusty Plumbers

A plumber knows his business well when he has his trusty hardware around. But an even greater plumber has these apps to run his business in this digital age.




1. Plumbing Systems Design Tables

This plumbing engineering and design app is created by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) to support the profession and its members. It has everything that a plumber needs from equations, to background to pipe sizing data. In addition, it has a treasure trove of numerous types of plumbing systems. Although some information is locked for members only, its free resources are enough to help you start with the basics.


2. Contractor Expense Log

Bills and expenses can get lost in a whirlwind of continual requests. Manual input just doesn’t cut it anymore. The Contractor Expense Log helps you manage your costs and expenses such as utilities, rent, supplies, loans and taxes. Now you don’t need to worry about unliquidated cash advances or rent payment reminders because this app does that for you.


3. Coolfront Mobile

Tired of haggling over prices with unreasonable customers? Give them the flat rate. With Coolfront Mobile, give your customers a flat rate based on industry standards. You will spend less time arguing over costs and proving that your services are the best. If you think the flat rate is not appropriate for a specific job, you can adjust your prices accordingly and still use it as a basis for negotiating.


4. Plumbing Formulator

The Plumbing Formulator is your cheat sheet for more than 120 formulae for pipe walls, pipe weights, pipe expansion and the like. It also comes with conversions that are handy whenever measurements need to be converted. In short, this app helps you breeze through the necessary computations specific to your job!


5. Plumber Training

“Keep learning” is the best attitude for any profession. Tradespeople and independent contractors are no exception. Aside from the International Plumbing Code by the ICC, this Plumber Training app is your go-to app for skills development. It has over 645 videos on different plumbing and HVAC situations that any plumber can learn from. Even if you completed your training long ago, it’s a great way to access solutions to everyday plumbing problems.



6. NKBA Kitchen and Bath Guidelines

The NKBA Kitchen and Bath Guidelines is published by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. It has 31 guidelines for kitchens and 27 for bathrooms that are highly useful for planning. Even if you’re based outside of the US, you can still use it as a guide for plumbing plans for your customers.


7. Waze

When plumbers are called to the job, it’s almost always because of an emergency, and customers will want you on their premises pronto. However, if residences are unfamiliar and traffic situations take a turn for the worse, it can take you longer to get to your customers than you expect. Enter Waze, a navigation app made for anyone who wants to save gas and time, and in this case, get to their customers fast before the customer blows a fuse.