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Roses and Thorns: Outside-of-the-Box House Decorating Tips

If you’re in the real estate business, house decorating is probably second nature to you. You’re likely quite familiar with what it takes to stage a home for sale. However, the following house decorating tips could help you give any home a special touch, helping it to sell more quickly.

Because what is a house without a decoration? When done right, the way you arrange things can help you create a certain illusion within a room, such as to make it appear bigger or feel more intimate. If you want to set the beautifying process of the various rooms in a house in motion but don’t know how or where to start, these decorating tips should help.




Personality Is the Heart of a Home’s Design

The first critical step to staging or decorating a house is to clean and declutter. It will make it easier for you to see the real structure of the room and decide which old furniture you would like to get rid of.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Start with a room that you use frequently or is dear to your heart. For many people, a bedroom is a great ground zero. According to a study, people spend at least a third of their time when they are at home inside the bedroom. It is also the place where the owner’s personality will be most accentuated and so it will be a tremendous help for your next step, which is to pick a house decorating theme.


Tie It with Colors

Focusing on color choices may get you closer to the theme. Moreover, colors are known to affect the mood. People who like to get up early may find it more appealing to wake up in a room with lighter palette shades and more translucent decorations. On the other hand, deeper tones may satisfy those who tend to sleep late.

Aside from inspiring a lively and carefree mood, bright colors can make a room to appear bigger or wider. However, dark colors create intimacy, calmness, and warmth.

Colors have tone, temperature, and contrast. A slight change in any of these three factors can greatly affect a color’s feel. The most vital principle in choosing a color is to understand what state of mind you want to achieve in a particular room and avoid colors that incite a sad or tired feeling.


The Art of Decorating

The next step is to choose the accessories that will complete the look of your room or house. As you are choosing furniture or accent points, it might be a good idea to resist the urge to match everything. Of course, you should have the color of your choice in mind. But instead of buying everything in the same color, think of other colors that can complement your current choice. For example, if you choose the color white, a range of other pastel shades may make the room feel livelier than would several shades of white.



Flowers as an Accent Point or Centerpiece

Use flowers to avoid a lifeless, generic look.

Roses, specifically, are the flower of choice for many people. They are especially appealing for people who suffer from allergies as roses make little to no airborne pollen. Plus, they look wonderful and come in a variety of types and colors. If you are trying to accentuate a room in your house using roses, here are some creative, ingenious ideas to try, courtesy of the folks at Roses Only.


Mason Jars

Mason jars filled with roses can be an attractive accent point to living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. They look great sitting on top of a table or under a mirror.

mason jars

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Potpourri is a mix of dried flower petals and spices. Not only will it make your house look elegant and classy, it will also make it smell nice.



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Hanging Garden

Great for outdoors, a hanging garden is a popular choice for decorating a front porch. The upkeep is easy, and you can score some creativity points by using quirky pots and planters, or even a woven basket.


Wall Vines

Running out of house decorating ideas for your own bedroom? This one may be a little bit outside-of-the-box, but it surely will capture the eye. Fresh or dried, it’s your choice!

hanging vines

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Do you think wreaths are only for the holidays? Not so. If you think your doorway looks too bland, adding a wreath or a garland might not be a bad idea. Try it. A beautiful pink rose wreath will absolutely not remind you of Christmas.


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Centerpiece Arrangement

A table will come alive with the help of a centerpiece. Whether it is for a dinner party or simply a house decorating touch to make you smile as you enter the kitchen, the beauty of a flower arrangement is utterly undeniable.



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Incorporating flowers in the process of house decorating can be done in many ways; the sky’s the limit. As it has been proven that home design is one of the sources of happiness for humans, what are you still doing sitting there? Go buy a bouquet or box of roses and have the first of many more smiles to come.