Getting the Most out of Your Cloud System

Too many businesses aren’t getting the most out of their cloud set-up. They just view it as somewhere to store data, a way to save money and keep their information safe. However, the cloud also offers companies a large number of other functions and options that can bring real benefits.

These benefits aren’t anything fancy or complicated, but they will give your business a bit of an edge. If you have an existing cloud system and you’re not sure how to get the best out of it, then you should bring in IT specialists like those at Probrand to review it and help you to use it to its fullest.

Once you’re fully au fait with your cloud, you’ll get:

Increased Collaboration

It’s often the case that when your employees are getting on with their daily tasks and routines, they can forget to keep colleagues in the loop. Inter-departmental communications can flag. Having a common portal—the cloud—teams and departments can easily keep each other informed. They can easily catch up with one another with message boards, data sharing and forums. This can make big differences to productivity and efficiency as well as morale.


Constant Access

It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, cloud-based storage gives employees access. Everyone can get to the files they need. Anyone who needs them will be able to access sets of notes, minutes and company data with just a few keystrokes.

This facility is particularly important if your company is to keep up with its competition. The global markets move fast and it’s easy to get trampled and lost. If your people can work despite a delayed flight from Rio, you don’t need to worry about slowed operations.

Regular Software Updates

There are so many gadgets and networks involved in the office now. Tablets, laptops, PCs, smartphones, smartwatches—every employee has at least 2 or 3 of these devices. It can add up to a dizzying amount of tech going on at any one time.

If all these devices are synced to your cloud system, then they’ll automatically get the bug fixes, the new updates and the latest features without having to fiddle with each and every one. If a software update is coming, you can give everyone a countdown and then do it for everyone simultaneously.

Freedom and Power to Innovate

Since cloud-based systems became commonplace, many companies, large and small, have found that their product and service development has improved. Using the cloud has freed up employees so much that they can spend less time on routine IT and maintenance tasks and more time thinking about what could be—then making it happen.

A cloud system lets everyone, especially the techier people, focus on freer thinking and innovation rather than worrying about data protection and backing up. The more time that’s spent on dreaming up the impossible instead of doing the very possible and very boring, the more of an edge the company has. People aren’t held up by the “grit” of routine tasks getting in their wheels and they can get involved with some, ahem, blue sky thinking.