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Uboro: A Transport Monitoring System to Increase Your Business Profits

Uboro: A Transport Monitoring System to Increase Your Business Profits

Uboro is a vehicle-based transport monitoring system that allows you to obtain operational information about a vehicle’s location, speed, routes, fuel consumption, and as well as other information based on your specific business needs. If your company depends on a fleet of vehicles to perform its operations, whether those vehicles are trucks or cars, this is definitely something you’ll want to look into.

The Uboro tool will allow you to assure your customers of a high level of service while also ensuring the safety of your vehicles. You’ll know immediately if a driver has deviated from the planned route, the vehicle has discharged gasoline, or an accident has occurred. In other words, you can react quickly, whatever the issue might be.




Track Movement in Real Time

Thanks to global positioning system (GPS) technology that uses a driver tracking software, you can check the movement of any of your vehicles in real time. In addition, the dispatcher gets up-to-date data from sensors about the location of the vehicle and the direction of travel, along with information about stops, fuel consumption, serviceability of the mechanisms, and the ambient temperature.

In this way, the program will inform you about various changes in the route, the technical condition of the vehicle, possible fuel drains, driving violations, or any emergency situations. All this information is sent to the business owner’s account in the form of reports and analytics. Thanks to the software, you can configure the fleet route and adjust it at any point in the shipping process. In other words, you can even plan a possible change in the route if, for example, any part of the road is closed or an accident prevents movement along any particular part of the way.


Benefits of Using Uboro

  • Uboro allows you to develop an optimal route and adjust it as needed.
  • It avoids all the issues associated with unplanned stops, deviations from the route, and fuel drains.
  • With Uboro, you will get information about the location of your cargo. You’ll also know immediately if a driver is deceiving you in some way.
  • It gives you a chance to keep track of the technical condition of the vehicle in real time. Thus, you can coordinate with the driver to make an unscheduled stop if necessary.
  • You can at any time provide your customer with information about the time of cargo arrival. And you can tell them its actual location.

All this information allows you to assure high quality service and the absolute safety of your vehicles, all of your cargo, and your drivers.



No Restrictions

Another good thing about Uboro is that it sets no restrictions for its customers. You won’t need to sign an agreement and pay lots of money upfront for the untested service. As a matter of fact, you can use Uboro free of charge for a 90-day trial period. During this time, you have a chance to test the software. You can check its integration with other tracking equipment and integrate it into your corporate network. What’s more Uboro is completely flexible. Therefore, it supports absolutely any equipment from any manufacturer and with any technical parameters.

Even if you don’t already have a physical tracker, that won’t be a problem. You can easily download a GPS tracker simulator from the Uboro company website. Then, you can install the program on any device to turn it into a full-fledged GPS tracker.

In other words, Uboro is a truly innovative product with a fresh look into ordinary tasks and operations. Additionally, the company is planning to introduce further functionality for fleet management and tasks logistics in the very near future.