5 Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Get Your Productivity Back in Check

5 Time-Tested and Proven Ways to Get Your Productivity Back in Check

For many professionals in the modern age, maintaining steady productivity levels can be something of a challenge.

Mundane repetitive tasks, endless distractions, a lack of sleep, and generally less than optimal physical health can all contribute to days of underachievement. So what can we do to start taking back control of our days and increase our flagging productivity? Thankfully, there are tips which we can all benefit from.


Identify Distractions and Time Thieves

Perhaps the best way to start injecting a little more get-go into your day is to remove the things that hold you back. If you are an agent in Vancouver Real Estate with a Facebook addiction, for example, disable the Facebook app on the computer you use for work. If you are a software programmer sitting by a large window overlooking the street and you are easily distracted, move desks.

Eliminating these time thieves and distractions is a sure-fire way to get on top of your work.


Have a Clear Approach to Your Day

If you start work at 8 am and find that the first hour of your day involves drinking coffee, reading news and yawning incessantly, you are wasting valuable time. On the other hand, you could choose to have a clear strategy for how you approach each day. Then, you would have the impetus to get the ball rolling from the outset.

For example, make a list of your tasks for each day, if possible. Something along the lines of answering emails from 8:15-9:00, making call-backs from 9:00 to 11:00, taking lunch at 12, and so on.



Make No Excuses and Get It Done

Sometimes the anticipation and anxieties we associate with certain tasks are products of uncertainty. We may want to put off interacting with a problem client or ignore a key issue due to the stress we think it will bring us.

The likelihood is that ruminating over the several outcomes and issues which can arise from answering that email or addressing that client’s concern will only hurt your productivity.

Get it done, now.




Prioritize Tasks from Hardest to Easiest

Prioritizing tasks is an excellent way to get into the best possible frame of mind and achieve optimum results. While many tend to believe that easing yourself in is the best way to start the day, experts disagree.

Think of the way in which many of us start our day. For example, perhaps we get out of that comfortable bed every morning and sit in traffic for 45 minutes. That alone can be difficult enough. Keep it going that way and tackle the big jobs first. Gradually wind down to the easier tasks when you are running low on energy and concentration.


Sleep, Hydrate and Stay Healthy

Sleep is essential to helping you achieve good levels of productivity. So make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. It will help you manage stress better. Plus, it will prevent you from burning out too early. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water regularly and avoid foods loaded with salt.

Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet will also contribute to making you more productive. Therefore, it’s time to blow the dust off those old sneakers and get some greens in!