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Run with These 5 Viable Ideas for a Health and Fitness Startup

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

According to a recent survey from MyProtein, millennials prioritize health and fitness spending over education. That is, they spend £80,000 over a lifetime for health and fitness, compared to £30,000 for an average undergrad degree.

So if you’re a gym genius with nutrition knowledge, you can turn your pastime into a new career.

But you’ll have to plan ahead before monetizing your vision. Here are 5 viable ideas for a health and fitness startup.

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a secular version of Buddhist meditation that’s a popular well-being technique in corporate culture.

So if you’re qualified and can connect with fellow practitioners, running training sessions in local offices might be profitable.

Alternatively, you might record sessions and publish them online. Alternatively, you could establish digital groups where you lead live seminars.


2. Food Blogs

If you find the right niche, an online nutrition blog could be your passport to health and fitness startup success.

A regularly updated blog allows you to connect with followers in a more personalized manner than a website or magazine. And once you build a decent online tribe, brands might pay you to become an influencer.

If you can write in a lively way, you’ll attract traffic. This is true whether you’re becoming vegan or fueling yourself for a marathon.

3. Health Literature

Students, doctors and sports coaches sometimes struggle to source the latest medical research for a reasonable price.

Some studies are only published in textbooks. These aren’t stocked in typical bookshops. As a matter of fact, they’re in short supply even in academic libraries.

So selling medical books online might help you establish a nice sustainable health and fitness niche that serves several specialist sectors.

4. Fitness Vlogs

Keep-fit videos have been a steady sideline for models and soap stars since the 1980’s.

But becoming a YouTube fitness vlogger requires far less initial outlay than manufacturing DVDs and advertising on TV.

If you look presentable and have a bubbly personality, you’ve got a great chance of stacking up lots of views. Plus, you’ll likely gain some sponsors as well.

But you’ll have to stay informed of the latest health and fitness trends to keep your videos current and shareable.

An unusual location can prove attractive, too, whether it’s an exotic island or a local park.

5. Health Apps

Many people are finding ways to fit a fitness regimen into a hectic lifestyle. Health apps can help them keep track of their training goals, diet requirements and calorie counting while they’re on the go.

If you’ve got the technical know-how plus health and fitness knowledge, you could create the ultimate app for a specific sport or a certain segment of users. Think businesspeople, parents, or schoolchildren.

And fans might form groups to compete with each other. If they do, they will build a large following for your future projects.

What Are Your Ideas for a Health and Fitness Startup?

Starting a business that helps people balance of mind and body takes time and research, but it’s very fulfilling. These 5 viable ideas for a health and fitness startup could help you bring your enterprising plans to life.