The Best Watches for a Professional Business Appearance

Watches are more than a fashion accessory. They are a status symbol, especially in the business world.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking out a watch to match your business attire. For example, you get to choose from smartwatches to classic mechanical watches. You certainly are spoiled for choice.


Should You Go for a Smartwatch?

In 2015, the Internet was all abuzz with news about smartwatches. They were going to change the face of time-telling. It was thought that smartwatches would become mainstream tech devices like smartphones, tablets and even e-readers. However, that did not turn out to be the case. The hype was short-lived. As a matter of fact, smartwatches are no longer popular products, even among technophiles.

Companies that experienced early success have exited the smartwatch market. That’s because consumers failed to jump on board the trend. Today, fewer than 10% of Europeans own a smartwatch. Compare that with the more than 60% who use smartphones every day. It’s easy to see that smartwatches just aren’t popular among consumers.

There were a number of factors to blame. Primarily, however, it was the cost. Considering their very limited range of functions, smartwatches could not really justify their own price. We will certainly need to cross a bridge in terms of smartwatch technology. If and when that ever happens, users would have more capabilities while smartwatches would maintain an affordable price point.

“Watches are more of a fashion accessory to most people. Smartwatches are eventually going to replace watches through natural evolution,” says Daniel Richmond from Tic Watches. “Most of our suppliers are pushing smartwatches in a race to be first. But at Tic Watches we expect this to be a slow process over a number of years. A race to be first is not that important.”

So, the answer is yes, eventually. There will come a time when smartwatches will have a valuable purpose alongside smartphones. But that time isn’t now.



Do Smartwatches Have a Business Purpose?

Currently, smartwatches do little more than provide smartphone notifications. Emails, social media messages, and news alerts can all be pushed through to your smartphone. This can be useful, depending on the line of work you’re in.

For example, if you attend meetings regularly, then you could certainly benefit from having a smartwatch. It is great technology for this type of activity. You’ll certainly want to keep up with your emails and be aware of any urgent information. However, you can’t just whip out your mobile in the middle of a meeting. This is where a smartwatch would serve you well. As you can quickly take a look at your watch without coming across as discourteous.

So, if you have the money to spare and you’re a busy professional, a smartwatch could be a great option for you. What’s more, if you are struggling to find one that actually suits your business wear, then you may be in luck. That’s because we are seeing more and more smartwatches that put fashion first.


Smart Watches That Look Professional

One of the main reasons that business professionals have been slow to adopt smartwatches is their appearance. They aren’t particularly known for their classy look. “Industrial,” “sporty,” and “techy” are all terms that you can use to describe the way the average smartwatch looks. But “sophisticated” isn’t one of those terms.

Therefore, business professionals are sure to struggle when it comes to finding a smartwatch that suits their style. You might have to spend quite a bit of money to get a smartwatch that has the look of a classic timepiece. For example, Montblanc’s Summit smartwatch is sleek and refined, but it sells for more than £600.

watches 2

However, things could change in 2018. Michael Kors has recently launched a range of smartwatches and fitness trackers that range from £329 to £399. They are still twice the price of Apple Watches and Samsung Gears. However, it is certainly a sign of changing times when one of the biggest names in fashion creates his own smartwatch.




What About Hybrid Watches?

If you want a stylish, high-tech watch but aren’t yet prepared to spend more than £300, then a hybrid smartwatch could be your perfect solution. It is the compromise between a traditional mechanical watch and a smartwatch. It does not have a touchscreen, and it does not need to be charged.

You will still get notifications from your phone via a vibration, however. Plus, there will be a visual cue to let you know which app is sending the message. It also tracks your steps and monitors your sleeping habits; you can check your progress on your smartphone. They are slim, stylish and functional. And they do exactly what you want from a smartwatch.

Plenty of high-end brands are releasing their own hybrid watches. If this is something you’re interested in, check out Fossil, Garmin, Nokia and Misfit. They come in a wide range of styles. Therefore, you should be able to find one that suits your personal wardrobe. Plus, they are affordable enough that you can mix it up with a couple of different watches to suit your various outfits.

The great thing about hybrid watches is that they don’t need charging. For instance, the batteries in hybrid watches can last up to six months. So you don’t have to worry about your watch losing its charge throughout the day. Hybrid watches are just like classic timepieces with a few convenient extras. And they don’t break the bank.


What to Look for in a Business Watch

There are certainly unwritten rules when it comes to which type of watch you should wear in a business environment. You want your watch to tell people that you are put-together professional. You want it to communicate that you are confident about your personal style. Here are some tips for picking out the ideal watch to wear to work.

Firstly, don’t overdo it. While do want to add an extra splash of pizzazz to your outfit, the way to do that isn’t with lots of crystals. You should go for an understated look in the workplace, with simple elegance. The same applies for bright colors or novelty watches. While they may express your personality, they come across as somewhat childish and unprofessional.

What you should be looking for is a watch with a leather or link strap. Gold or silver is fine. You can even add some extra details like mother of pearl or wood, as long as they are subtle.

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If you are going with a leather watchband, consider your other accessories. Your belt, shoes or handbag can provide you with a starting point. Then you can aim to match your watch to any one of those items. A bit of coordination goes a long way to making you look more professional.

Next, consider the case and the face of your watch. Both Roman numerals and modern numbers are good choices. However, it is important that they don’t stand out too much. The casing of the watch should be simple and chic. Plus, it should suit the size of the band. Anything with too large of a face will diminish the professional look of the watch.


The Exceptions Prove the Rules

Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. If you work in a more casual office, you can wear a sportier watch or a timepiece with a few funky features. However, if you work in the kind of office where you have to wear button-down shirts and blazers, then it is best to heed the above advice.

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when picking out a watch to suit your office attire. Professional watches come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Therefore, you’re sure to find one that does a great job of not only expressing your personality but perfectly suiting your business wardrobe.