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In modern businesses, SEO practices are being used by companies who in any way want a secure digital footprint, just ask HQ SEO Cardiff. Although some mediums have built-in SEO tactics, WordPress for example is one of the biggest, a marketer’s most significant job has become tackling the analytics of their client’s web presence.

SEO is everywhere because the internet is constantly changing. In order for businesses to keep up with demand, they have to cater to an audience that lives and breathes the internet. So, what’s up with SEO? Here’s all the basics you need to know.


What Does It Stand For?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially is the practice that aims to analyze how well a website performs in comparison to their online competition.




What’s the Big Deal?

SEO has become mandatory to many business’ success. Adapting to the changing landscape of marketing and advertising means that businesses have to stay well ahead of the game and have to cater to a new way of thinking and consumption.

Because there is such an abundance of traffic on the internet, businesses have to stand out amongst a slew of spam, competition and ads. SEO will optimize how they perform and appear, which will bring steady and new business that perhaps they otherwise would not have had.


How Does It Work?

Most searches are done through Google, they have created a very specific algorithm that has allowed them to essentially monopolize web traffic. In order to show up at the top of a Google search, you need to understand at least a little about what makes them tick.

For example, Google looks for high-quality and relevant information in its searches first and foremost. Relevant information is determined by keywords used in the website’s content, which determines it’s ranking when appearing in a search.

It also helps if your website is linked to frequently, especially by other popular websites. The more searchers you have who take the time to look through the content rather than exit the site, the better. Loading speed is also a factor, as a searcher could exit the website if they can’t get to the information fast enough, this is especially important for mobile users (half of users!).

Content is the best feature of a site, and what visitors will hang on to and keep coming back for, so don’t duplicate content or skimp on it, because users want the best, most concise and informative experience they can get.


Keywords are Key

As mentioned, keywords are what will take your content further. SEO’s magic trick has a lot to do with keywords. First, you must identify which words you’ll need in a general search. Keywords perform best according to how they measure up in sheer volume, relevance, and against the competition.


Use It or Lose It

Knowing exactly how SEO works will give you the knowledge you need to excel in the digital space, and you’ll definitely need it in the long run.