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Attitudes Toward Flexible Working Are Changing Worldwide

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Flexible working is quickly becoming a must for employees everywhere. Business owners, too, are coming to understand the importance individuals place on better work-life balance. What does this mean for your business?


Norms Are Changing

As we move further into the 21st century, workers continue to challenge the norms of the working world. More and more talented individuals now view the traditional nine-to-five as outdated and rigid. Business owners often feel compelled these days to offer more flexible ways of working. As a matter of fact, this is often the only way they can attract fresh talent and retain their current workforce.



Results of a Recent Survey Tell the Tale

A recent survey carried out by the HR company adviserplus.com takes a look at this phenomenon. The results show why flexible working is so important to employees. As a matter of fact, their findings highlight that 63 percent of workers value work-life balance over salary. Moreover, these individuals say that a flexible work style enhances their productivity.


Both Employees and Employers Benefit from Flexible Working

Employers often insist, however, that employees must be present in the workplace on a daily basis. They argue that it’s easier to communicate with someone who is actually present. These employers are afraid workers won’t really work while they’re at home or in a coffee shop. They argue that remote workers will have too many distractions. They fear a loss of productivity.

However, skilled workers who successfully work remotely can counter every one of these arguments. For example, modern technology makes instant communication easy. Instant messaging, the ever-present cell phone, and other communication technologies make connecting simpler than ever. What’s more, it’s even easy to share data across the miles, too, thanks to cloud-based technologies.




Moreover, at-home workers contend, there are far fewer distractions in the home. And best of all, studies have shown that remote workers are more productive than their onsite coworkers. In short, workers who can at least occasionally work from home get more done.


There Has Been a Shift in Perspective

As AdviserPlus has discovered, there has been a shift in viewpoint when it comes to flexible working. It all comes down to how employees prioritize their lives.

Take a look at the infographic below. You’ll quickly see how important flexible working has become in the UK. Keep in mind, however, that the shift toward more flexible working is a worldwide phenomenon.

Why Flexible Working is Important for Employees
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