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Getting Married? 6 Best Tips to Cut Wedding Costs

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If you’re running a business and trying to plan your wedding at the same time, it probably goes without saying that you’re trying to cut wedding costs.

However, it often happens that wedding costs go higher than anyone expected. That’s because we usually stretch our spending limits to throw a lavish party and look our best. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Spending wisely is the key here. You can still amaze your guests by planning a budget and cutting the costs of every little thing that comes along with a wedding. For example, you can opt for e-invitations, cheap wedding dresses, hire an affordable chauffeur, putting a limit on booze, and the like. In this way, you’ll avoid spending more than you should.


Below are some tips for trimming your wedding costs.

1. Send Digital Wedding Invitations

Digital invitations are one of the best ways to cut your wedding costs. Therefore, instead of selecting print invitation cards, send invitations digitally to your contacts.

This not only saves money but also saves time. That’s because you can email the invitations instead of addressing, stamping, and mailing them by hand. Therefore, you’ll have more time for the other activities that are clamoring for your attention.

You can also build up your website for the big day. There, you can upload details regarding venue, theme, dress code, and directions to the venue.

2. Consider Buying a Cheap Wedding Dress

There are many dresses available on the market. What’s more, many of them offer quality and design similar to dresses by high-end designers. For example, you might have your sights set on a designer dress. However, what if you could find the same designs and colors at discount prices?

For example, websites such as JJ’s House offer a variety of beautiful wedding dresses at affordable rates. You just need to explore a bit and do your research properly before purchasing your wedding dress. Above all, don’t purchase the dress for your big day in a hurry.

3. Use a Credit Card

Using a credit card will ensure that you do not spend more than you should on anything. That’s because the spending limit on your credit card will not allow you to spend too much and break the bank.

Moreover, you can use a credit card in purchasing cheap wedding dresses, booking the venue, booking a limousine, and even hiring an event planner.

4. Control Wedding Costs by Making Your Wedding an Intimate Affair

It’s not mandatory to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Instead, plan to have an intimate wedding and keep your guest list minimal. In other words, restrict it to only close friends and family. This can dramatically cut your wedding costs. What’s more, this tactic will also serve to keep your stress to a minimum, too. 

5. Cut Down on the Booze

Instead of offering your guests an entire bar with lots of wine, beer, and other alcoholic options, give them a signature drink or limited servings of beer. This will save you a lot of money. That’s because the prices of offering a bar are quite high.

Another idea to keep wedding costs down is to use smaller glasses and only serve wine.

6. Consider Second-Hand or Rented Dresses to Keep Wedding Costs Low

Renting dresses or even buying second-hand ones can keep wedding costs lower.

For example, there are department stores and websites that sell gently used dresses. These dresses have been used only once and are of good quality.

Therefore, if you are comfortable wearing a second-hand designer dress, this is one of your options. You will find a wide variety of cheap wedding dresses at JJ’s house. Do check them out.