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The Wisdom of Accessories for Business Fleet Vehicles

Image Credit: Pixabay on Pexels

Organizations that own and operate fleet vehicles must ensure that their drivers use those vehicles safely. Moreover, they must maintain each vehicle to promote maximum vehicle life. Therefore, many business fleet vehicle owners spend considerable time training employees in the proper use and care of their vehicles.

Such guidance is obviously important. However, fleet vehicle owners could be overlooking a number of simple and inexpensive add-ons that can lengthen vehicle life. What’s more, these accessories can improve driver safety and minimize maintenance costs.

Look to Interior Accessories for Your Business Fleet Vehicles

Car Sun Shades

Did you know that sunlight can damage upholstery, crack dashboards, and damage items stored inside the vehicle?

However, car sun shades are a simple and inexpensive add-on that blocks harmful rays and heat from the sun. A properly fitted sun shade reduces a vehicle’s interior temperature by 40 degrees or more. This can significantly prolong the life of vinyl, leather, and other materials commonly used inside most automobiles.

An Interlock Device

An interlock device is a more sophisticated accessory that you can readily add to the ignition system of most vehicles. It requires the operator to blow into a hand-held sensor that measures the level of alcohol concentration in the breath.

Most interlocks will prevent the vehicle from starting if they detect alcohol. However, some allow the driver to retry the test after a certain period of time.

These devices are easy to install and comparatively inexpensive. For example, most typically require an up-front installation fee of no more than $200. Additionally, most have an ongoing monthly maintenance charge to ensure the device’s accuracy.

The cost of an interlock device is a sound investment. This is especially relevant when you compare potential expenses associated with accident repairs, medical bills, legal representation, and employee absences.

Backup Cameras

Organizations managing business fleet vehicles should also consider the safety benefits of accessories that manufacturers frequently offer as options. For example, backup cameras provide better safety.

Mirrors That Darken

Additionally, mirrors that darken automatically reduce glare from sunlight and the headlights of other vehicles.

Don’t Forget Exterior Devices

Mud Flaps

Depending on the vehicle type and usage conditions, it may be wise to also consider several exterior add-ons. For instance, many vehicle owners use mud flaps to prevent damage from dirt and debris. These deposits can accumulate around wheel assemblies and other undercarriage components.

Mirror Extensions

Additionally, consider installing side mirror extensions. These expand a driver’s rear and side vision. They can help avoid “blind-spot” collisions.

Car Covers

Automobile covers are an inexpensive accessory that protect an idle vehicle from sun damage. A car cover can help you to avoid repainting or replacing body parts.

Bug Guards

Along the same lines, think about using inexpensive bug guards. You can install these across the fronts of most automobiles. They protect the vehicle’s grill and front end from insects and other road debris that can damage paint and other exterior features.


Properly Accessorize Your Business Fleet Vehicles

Many companies wisely spend time evaluating the types of vehicles they need. To do this, they analyze driving patterns and forecast repair costs.

Unfortunately, those same organizations may overlook simple, readily available business fleet vehicle accessories. Moreover, many of these accessories can significantly reduce operating costs. Also, they can improve driver safety and increase vehicle lifespan.

So don’t make they mistake of dismissing these add-ons. Instead, properly accessorize your business fleet vehicles. You will quickly see the rewards of lower costs and a safer workplace.