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The Top 6 Features to Look for in an Extended Enterprise LMS

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In order to build a successful business in today’s competitive global market, you must train your external teams and associates as well as you train your internal teams. For this reason, you need an extended enterprise learning management system, or LMS. In short, an extended enterprise LMS will facilitate the sharing of knowledge from your company to your extended partners.

Look for These Features

However, before choosing an extended enterprise LMS, make sure you look for the following important features.

1. Customization and Personalization

You’ll want to be able to customize your extended enterprise LMS to easily incorporate your branding strategy. For this reason, you’ll likely need to revamp the user interface to meet your requirements. For instance, you might want to modify the colors and insert your logo.

Also, you’ll likely want to personalize the interface to create micro-learning modules and create an engaging user experience.

2. An Intuitive User Interface

An advanced extended enterprise LMS will give you an intuitive interface. This can make training your associates a cake walk. After all, even the most amazing system won’t help your team if they have difficulty using it.

You have multiple choices when it comes to extended enterprise LMS’s, and you’ll find plenty to choose from. Therefore, you’ll be able to find a system that easily matches the skill sets of your extended teams.

Keep in mind, however, that the best way to choose the most compatible interface is to ask for feedback from your team. This will help you to determine which interface best complements their talents.


3. Smartphone Compatibility

The modern smartphone has become almost indispensable for nearly everyone alive today. We rely on it daily. For example, we have come to expect on-demand taxi and food services at the touch of a button. Additionally, many people have come to rely on e-learning as well.

Furthermore, if your company’s sales channels are distributed all around the globe, the best connecting medium for them is a smartphone. That’s because so many people have them and enjoy using them.

Therefore, an extended enterprise LMS must have an interface that will allow it to be used on any device. This will also make the training course more user-friendly and flexible.

4. Assessments and Reports

Among the most important aspects of any training module are its analytics and metrics tools. These will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your system. For example, you’ll need data to help you understand which courses are the most popular as well as which channels showed the best sales activity.

5. Robust Distribution Channel

The core motivation for having an extended enterprise LMS is that it will give you a robust distribution of content over multiple channels. It will enable you to have an established distribution platform, in other words. This can help you to build a network from which you can disseminate your online learning courses on demand.

You need an LMS with a flexible distribution technology. This will empower your re-sellers to make money with your e-learning courses. Then you’ll be able to easily build stronger relations with your partners.

6. Additional Support

Even a highly intuitive extended enterprise LMS that’s loaded with cool features is going to need technical support to function properly. So before making a decision, make sure that your LMS vendor has detailed provisions for client support. In short, make sure you always have backup.

Find an Extended Enterprise LMS for Your Business

In order to build a strong internal and external team of associates, you must have a robust training mechanism in place. So don’t wait. Do your research to learn about the learning management systems that will be most compatible with your business.