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Content Creation Tips: How to Create Quality Content That Google Loves

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Do you want to attract lots of visitors to your site? Of course you do. Then your content needs to satisfy human beings and search engines alike. Here are our top content creation tips for creating the high-quality content that Google loves.

For the vast majority of people, Google is the starting point of their online journey. Its effect on our digital lives is such that it now processes a staggering 1.2 trillion searches per year. This accounts for more than three-quarters of the global search market. For businesses, this means that successfully optimizing their content for Google plays a central role in reaching their target audience.


Be Authoritative

Most searches start with some kind of problem or request for information. The goal of search engines is to find the most relevant search result in response to that query. Web pages that provide in-depth information on a given topic are more likely to be viewed as authoritative. This positively affects their potential to rank well.

Establishing authority involves creating topical, consistent, and high-quality content. This is the kind of content that other websites will be more inclined to link to.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is to put the user at the center of the conversation. Therefore, the better you understand the needs of your audience, the higher the chances are that you can successfully design your content around their needs. Get your content creation right, and you’ll be scoring points with users and search engines alike.

Take Time to Create Long-Form Content

Initially, the prospect of creating long-form content may not seem like the most efficient approach. This seems especially the case since digital marketers seem to be fighting for precious seconds of their users’ time. However, websites that are rich in content achieve high rankings time and time again.

Lengthy content needn’t necessarily be a goal in and of itself. However, making the decision to delve deeper with your content is often worth the time and effort.

This is because a significant portion of users take to the Internet to learn more about a subject in detail, and long-form content is ideally placed to meet those needs. The length of your content is just one of many SEO ranking factors. But longer content is definitely a step in the right direction.

Use Content Creation for Building Links

Creating top quality content doesn’t just increase your chances of pulling in traffic through search engines directly. Generally speaking, the more useful your content, the more likely it is to attract links from other websites.

Links make it easier for Google’s crawlers to identify and rank your website. The number of quality links directing to your site has a significant effect on your rankings. In short, links from highly authoritative websites are the most valuable.

The quality of your content will often act as the main driver in getting external websites to link to you. The most authoritative websites often only link to content of the highest quality. Therefore, securing an inbound link from a website with a high Domain Authority (DA) can significantly boost your performance in the rankings.

Conceived in this way, skillful content creation can help you increase your search engine visibility in multiple ways.

Make It Digestible

Breaking content down into digestible chunks is one of the easiest ways of presenting information in a clear and understandable way. When opening a web page, no user likes to be confronted with a wall of text.

Therefore, the way you structure your content plays an important role in maintaining the user’s attention. So make sure your content is easy to navigate.

Make use of headings, bullet points, images, and other formatting elements. This can help ensure that users digest large amounts of information without even realizing it.

Moreover, some users may prefer to focus their attention on the area of content that is especially relevant to them. Clear signposting will help them get there with minimal effort. This approach is just another example of catering to the needs of the user. And this is exactly what Google is trying to do.

Optimize Images

Using visual content is a great way to break up text. Additionally, it adds an aesthetically pleasing element to your content. However, if you’re using images as part of your content creation, it’s important to make sure they are optimized for Google.

This is because search engines are currently unable to interpret images in the same way that humans can. This means that they rely on image-related text. This helps them identify what is being displayed.

So add a relevant image title, description, and alt text. This is an easy way of optimizing your images for this purpose.

Keep an Eye on Your Rivals’ Content Creation

At the end of the day, climbing the search engine rankings requires content creation that stands head and shoulders above the rest. So in order to better understand what you’re up against, keep an eye on the competition. Doing so will help you ascertain how your content stacks up against that of your competitors.

The more effort you put into creating content that is better than that of your rivals, the more likely you are to make it to the top. Remember, Google is looking to offer its users the most relevant and high-quality content for their query.

There are many other factors at play. However, being able to successfully create content that delivers the greatest relevance with the best quality can help ensure it’s just a matter of time before your content begins to soar through the rankings.

Be Like Google (and Never Stop Learning)

Google algorithm is constantly learning—and so should you.

The nature of the digital marketing world means that the industry is continually evolving. Therefore, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. This is the best way to get the most out of your content creation.

Google implements more than 500 algorithm changes each year. And the most successful content creators have been able to anticipate some of the potential effects of these updates in advance.

Ask the Experts About Content Creation

When it comes to content marketing, experience is extremely valuable. That’s why seeking the help of a digital marketing agency such as Champions Digital could give you the extra boost you need stay ahead of the game. With their help, you will outshine your competitors by consistently producing great SEO content.