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10 Cool Desk Accessories to Boost Your Productivity

Who doesn’t love getting more done in less time? For the productive person who is committed to starting and finishing important tasks, here are 10 cool desk accessories that will make you feel like you’ve just upgraded your professionalism by a hundred percent.

1. Desk Organizer

Minimalist desk organizers are among the best desk accessories for keeping your desk tidy. That’s because they keep your important notes and documents right in front of you.

Alessi makes the elegant Fierzo desk organizer in stainless steel and beech. However, any desk organizer that strikes your fancy will do. The goal here is to keep things in their proper place so you spend less time looking for them.

2. Router

This is one of those desk organizers that is less of an accessory and more like necessary hardware.

Regardless, nobody can deny the importance of optimal Internet with blazing fast speeds, especially these days.

The AmpliFi HD WiFi Router is a dual-band 802.11AC 3X3 WiFi system. What makes this a good addition to your desk? It reliably fills your home with strong WiFi. What’s more, it’s compact, leaving more space on your desk.

3. Desk Riser

Everybody knows the dangers of sitting down for too long. Unfortunately, that’s a reality for many of us. That’s exactly why standing desktop converters (with monitor shelves)—or desktop risers—are such a big hit right now. You can put your laptop or monitor on them and stand to do your work. Therefore, this is one of the best desk accessories for optimizing your health.

4. Multi-Device Keyboards

You can link multi-device keyboards up with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. For example, the Logitech K780 wireless keyboard works with PC, Mac, Chrome, Android, and iOs. This cuts down on the need for switching from a wireless keyboard to your device of choice. Then, you can just choose to work from your device instead. This makes it faster to transfer data for your spiral-bound book printing from your device. Plus, this also keeps your notes organized.

5. BenQ Screenbar

The BenQ Screenbar is a task lamp that sits on top of your laptop, monitor, or tablet. It has an auto-dimming function thanks to its built-in ambient light sensor. This gives you an efficient way of working in dim light and avoiding glare in your office.


6. Charging Dock

It just doesn’t make sense to have a home office that relies on USB chargers, each separately plugged into wall outlets, not least because they’re sometimes hard to reach.

On the other hand, desk accessories like these charging docks come in a variety of styles. And each hub has its own unique design. Moreover, each one has a number of USB ports available for your use.

7. External Hard Drive

What can you do with a 4TB external hard drive? Western Digital can let you do anything you want with their 4TB My Passport Portable HDD. What’s more, with its re-imagined and slicker-than-ever design, they manage your storage needs more stylishly than ever.

8. Mouse Pad

Desktop users know the value of a good mouse pad. That’s because this is one of those desk accessories you really can’t do without.

What’s more, you need one that doesn’t slip when you use it. Also, you need one that stands up to the test of time. Therefore, choose one that has a minimalist design. You don’t want it to be distracting or interfere with your work. Anyone who uses a mouse will benefit from using a mouse pad that, yes, may be more expensive but pays off in spades in the long run.

9. Raise It Up

It’s hard for some of us to keep our desk space maximized. So if you’re looking for desk accessories that will aid you in doing that, check this one out.

Cnet offers a drawer monitor stand called Just Mobile for exactly that reason: to maximize space. That’s because it lifts your monitor to eye level while providing a lot more storage for trinkets, gadgets, and what-have-you that may find its way onto your desk.

10. Headphone Holder

Do you have a variety of headphones? Then you need a holder for them—each pair of them. This minimal headphone stand, made by AmoVee, gives your headphones a place to hang out when you’re not using them. This means they spend less time on your desk or taking up space elsewhere. Treat yourself to one of these desk accessories. You’ll be glad you did.

Rule Your Desk Organizers but Don’t Let Them Rule You

Remember, desk accessories are fine, but don’t go overboard with them. Desk accessories are supposed to help us retain our productivity. However, they’re not intended to serve as mere eye-candy or to take up desk space unnecessarily. So when you’re on the search for desk accessories, keep practicality and organization in mind.