Inverter generator

Why Your Company Needs an Inverter Generator

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If there is something that often confuses people it is the inverter generator. It’s true that the term might sound quite fancy. However, what exactly is an inverter generator and what does it do differently from other generators?

What an Inverter Generator Is

An inverter generator is a generator that puts out AC current. While that is pretty standard for a generator, an inverter generator then converts that AC current into DC voltage. Finally, it inverts that current into a cleaner, more refined AC current. That might sound complicated. But this basically means you get a more consistent flow of power.

How an Inverter Generator Is Used

Inverter generators can be used to power a wider range of electronics because of the more refined power they generate. They also use less fuel to generate the same levels of power when compared to other types of generators. In other words, these generators are more fuel-efficient machines and an eco-friendly choice.

These generators are more modern machines as well. That’s because this type of generator only became possible to manufacture due to technological developments in the first place. So they are usually lighter weight and easier to use than older generators.

Portable Models

Portable models, in particular, are useful because you can use them to charge appliances like laptops without issue. Plus, they are easier to move around from place to place. And because inverter generators are becoming more popular they might not be as expensive as you think, either.


Where to Shop for an Inverter Generator

So, now that you know what inverter generators actually are, the question remains: Where do you go to buy the top ones? We recommend visiting Here, you’ll find in-depth information about this type of generator.

The detailed reviews will be valuable for anyone considering purchasing this type of generator. Further, to help with where to buy one we list here some of the best places to make your purchase.

Generator Websites

Generators aren’t something you usually find in traditional shops in most cases. This means that if you want an inverter generator you need to head online to a specialist website. Some names to look for include Just Generators, Machine Mart, Generator Pro, and Screw Fix. There are plenty of others to look at but these names will give you a great starting point.

Camping and RV Shops

On the other hand, if you’re the sort of person who likes to visit a shop to look at generators in person then a camping or RV outlet is your best option. However, this will limit your options. That’s because most places will only have a few different models for sale. Nonetheless, because portable inverter generators are becoming more popular there will often be some models available in camping and RV shops.

Buying Second-Hand

Portable inverter generators can also usually be found on second-hand websites like eBay and social media marketplaces. If you can find a local sale you can even inspect the generators before you decide to purchase one. But what you will find available will really all be down to luck.


Delays in satisfying customer requests can cost you, and that’s just what a lengthy power outage can cause. So keep your business up and running regardless of the circumstances by investing in an inverter generator.