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Customer Service Is Key to Your Success

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Customers remember good customer service experiences, and they’re willing to reward companies that treat them well. When customer care is done right, it can boost a company’s bottom line tremendously.

That’s why the MobiusPay mission statement is simple: Take care of your clients, and the rest will take care of itself.

1. Excellent Customer Service Builds Trust

Handling angry customers is a daily task for any customer service rep. However, in many cases, clients are just looking for a little empathy.

When customers use a hostile tone in their initial inquiry, the best approach is to respond to negative comments instead of ignoring them. Consequently, a little acknowledgment of the customer’s predicament can defuse the frustration.

Moreover, it can turn the interaction into a less confrontational dialogue. In other words, a thoughtful response will leave the angry client feeling that the business is on his or her side.


On the other hand, don’t ignore your happiest customers. Sounds like a no-brainer but it happens all the time.

2. Top-Notch Customer Service Matters More Than Price

These days, people will only stay loyal to a company if they have a good reason to do so. There is plenty of competition eager to snatch dissatisfied consumers right from under your nose. What’s more, for the right experience, people are willing to pay more.

Even more important, surveys have found that building effective customer service operations can increase sales, ramp up revenue, and provide positive profits. In recent polls, consumers say they rely more on businesses that provide reliable customer service.

Millennials Demand Great Customer Care

Part of this change may be driven by millennials, who, statistically, are the most enthusiastic group when it comes to forking over cash for better care and support.

3. Dependable Customer Service Builds Brand Awareness

Word of mouth is the most influential strategy for communicating value. Truly, what your clients share online will make or break your business.

Therefore, customers need to know that they can voice complaints both publicly and one-on-one with your support reps. Additionally, they need to feel that those issues are dealt with quickly and adequately.


Good or bad, your customers are more likely to share their experiences with peers, family, and followers on social media. What’s more, their negative shares about unsatisfactory interactions with your company can tarnish your business reputation.

Problems are always going to arise in business, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Nevertheless, the solution is to tackle the situation immediately in an effort to pop up on Twitter as the company that “fixed it in no time.”

4. Fast Service Is Good Customer Service

As important as it is to respond to every customer issue, it is even more important to react quickly. A study of tweets to airlines showed that when a support request was answered in five minutes or less, that buyer was willing to pay almost $20 more for a ticket in the coming months.

In short, the ability to provide prompt responses to customer concerns generates goodwill and trust on all customer service channels, not just on Twitter. Furthermore, prompt communication proves that even if the customer’s complaint remains unresolved but is acknowledged (and a believable reassurance that the agent is looking into it) the results of tardiness will pay off in the long run.

5. Give Great Customer Service Without Breaking the Bank

Microsoft reported that 54 percent of respondents say they have higher expectations for customer service today than they had one year ago. This number jumps to 66 percent for the 18– to 34-year-olds surveyed.

However, the good news is that exceptional customer service doesn’t have to be expensive. Many of the crucial steps a business can take are free.

Build an Online Community

For example, building online communities, in which users of the product ask questions and offer each other ideas and advice, will elevate the experience for everyone involved. And this is true even if you’re working on a budget.

6. Your Customers Are Human Beings

Never underestimate the value of making a personal connection with a customer who’s requesting support. Personalizing a message by typing a few extra characters can make a difference.

Apply a Personal Touch

Therefore, teach your customer service representatives to apply a personal touch. Encourage them to always maintain a positive tone and be proactive about resolving concerns. When agents sign their name in their tweets, posts, or e-mails, it humanizes them. Moreover, it makes customers feel that at least someone within a faceless company is on their side.

What’s more, clients are more comfortable following up on an issue if they know the name of the employee who assisted them. Study after study has shown this to be the case.

7. Coffee Is No Longer Just for Closers

Not long ago business was all about “closing” the sale. It didn’t matter how you got there or at what cost.

However, these days, we are catering to a new generation of consumers, shoppers, and patrons. These consumers no longer accept being just another number.

MobiusPay Understands Customer Service

Importantly, at MobiusPay, they understand that no two individuals or companies are the same. They know that every customer is unique in their requirements. The knowledgeable and qualified team at MobiusPay diligently guides new and existing clients, ensuring that businesses get set up in perfect alignment with their needs. This quality customer service allows customers to relax, knowing their business is in good hands.

8. It’s All About Customer Retention

Providing great customer service will result in maximum customer retention. This gives your business the opportunity to grow your existing customer base. And this is a process that is as important as retaining customers.

Moreover, a brand that delivers excellent customer service can easily retain clients. Over time, people develop a sense of trust and retaining customers becomes simple.

9. Be the Solution Before the Problem Arises

The purpose of a customer service team is to make sure customers are well-educated about a product or service. Great customer care ensures that customers are not facing any problems in the use of that product or service.

A great way to provide exceptional support is to present your customers with useful tips, DIY techniques, and other beneficial advice long before they’re even asking for it. In short, be proactive.

10. Show Others How It’s Done

Treating your clientele like royalty becomes exemplary as well as infectious. It opens doors for new partnerships when other businesses see just how well you manage existing customers. It says a lot about a company and what they value when they care about their clients. Moreover, good customer service paves the way for powerful alliances, collaborations, and other opportunities.


Nothing is more important than keeping your customers happy and satisfied. And the way to do this is by providing superior customer service. The team at MoibusPay prides themselves on years of experience and the ability to apply their hard-earned knowledge to your business.

In short, they help you thrive in a competitive market. Their enthusiastic dedication to your needs is what makes MobiusPay an award-winning payment solution.