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Lawsuits You Need to Know About

Unfortunately, we learn the lesson far too young that life isn’t fair. However, if a company has wronged you or your business, that does not mean you must simply take it. You have the means to fight back by joining with others in class action lawsuits. In other words, you can get the financial reparation you deserve.


Here are five lawsuits that are currently in action. You need to know about these in case one or more applies to you:

1. Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit

Monsanto has become one of the most hated companies in America in recent years. That’s because of their negligence, in addition to many other factors. Currently, their inaccurate advertising of the weed killer Roundup has gotten them into trouble. The company marketed the herbicide as non-toxic, although studies have now linked it to causing cancer.

The Monsanto Roundup lawsuit fight is still ongoing. Those who have experienced health complications after using Roundup should call legal representation as soon as possible.

2. Wells Fargo Mortgage Denial

Wells Fargo has found itself in hot water several times over the past decade. Their most recent transgression involves wrongfully denying mortgages to struggling borrowers.

The company has gone so far to acknowledge they denied 870 borrowers incorrectly. While many of these homeowners received notices and checks, Wells Fargo has not compensated everyone involved. Even those who have been compensated likely have not been remunerated enough.

Lawyers are still trying to reach out to homeowners who may not have received a notice of their denial.

3. Walmart Gender Discrimination

Recently, Walmart came under fire for gender discrimination. Many women have claimed that they did not receive promotions or wage increases simply because they are women.

Many people currently involved in this lawsuit state that the transgressions occurred decades ago. However, some say the issues continue today.

Are you in this position? If so, you could be entitled to a portion of the settlement if this lawsuit is successful.

4. Lab Corp Data Breach

Lab Corp recently experienced a data breach that affected millions of patients’ personal data. This data includes names, dates of birth, addresses, and balance information. Credit card and bank information are also at risk of exposure due to complications at a third-party company known as American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA).

If you have ever used the services of this company, then you may be at risk of credit card fraud, identity theft, or worse. Therefore, speak to a lawyer immediately to learn about your options and any pending lawsuits.

5. Turbo Tax Military Exploitation

According to a government-mandated arrangement between Turbo Tax and the IRS, military members should have been able to file their taxes for free. Unfortunately, for many service people, this did not occur.

For example, Turbo Tax is accused of hiding their free services and requiring people to pay who should not have.

So are you a service person who used Turbo Tax to file your taxes? If you made less than $66,000 and paid for your filing, you may be entitled to a settlement. So reach out to an attorney to see what your current options are regarding this lawsuit.

Do These Lawsuits Apply to You?

While we always hope that people and corporations will be trustworthy, unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you believe you might be eligible for compensation due to negligence by these companies, call an attorney right away.

Hopefully, you found the above information useful. Perhaps you can recoup some of your losses if the specific circumstances apply to you. It is also imperative to always stay up to date with any lawsuits that come to light. When you know about certain lawsuits, you can take part if necessary.