A phone tracker app will allow you to monitor the activities of the mobile phones you own. There are dozens of tracking apps, each with its own unique features. What’s more, the right phone tracker app can help you in your business.

Lest you dismiss these apps out of hand with a judgmental shake of your head, let us remind you that in 2019 the influence of the Internet and other technologies is stronger than ever. While some people might misuse a phone tracker app with evil intent, you can choose to use this technology to keep your business secure.

Give Employees a Mobile Phone

Start by giving a mobile phone to all your valued employees. Make it clear to employees that even though they are using it, the device remains the company’s property. This gives you certain rights over that device, as you intend for them to use it only for official purposes. Depending on the nature of your business, you may already have employees who are using your company’s mobile phones.

Install a Phone Tracker App

As you own the device and you intend for employees to use it for official purposes, you can legally monitor the phone’s activities. So make sure you install a tracking app before you give the phones to your employees.

Thereafter, you will be able to monitor the following actions:

  • Typed text
  • Call and SMS logs
  • Live locations
  • Photo galleries
  • Web history
  • Employees’s WhatsApp, Tinder, Skype, and Facebook Messenger accounts
  • Screenshots

A Phone Tracker App Will Tell You Plenty

You can learn a lot about your employees when you track them on the mobile phones you provide them with. For example:

Are Employees Leaking Company Data?

Phone tracker apps can work in an incognito mode. This means the user won’t know if he or she is being monitored.

However, this app is not like a spy on your girlfriend’s phone. This is because you own the devices you’re monitoring. In short, you will be able to ensure that employees are not involved in activities of which you don’t approve.

Moreover, data is one of the most significant assets of every company, but employees must have access to company data in order to successfully do their jobs for you. However, thanks to your phone tracker apps, you will instantly know if anyone has leaked or sold sensitive company data. Then you can deal with the issue before it gets out of hand.

Are They Wasting Time?

If an employee is wasting time during working hours, it’s not their time—it’s yours.

In other words, because you’re paying them for their time, when they’re wasting time during work hours, they’re wasting your company’s resources. If you believe you are not getting the performance that you should be getting from a certain employee, a phone tracking app can help you to learn why.


If an employee’s job is offsite, you can use their mobile GPS location to find them. You can also see the screenshots of company’s mobile phones to see if the user is playing games or using non-work-related applications during working hours.

Find a Stolen Mobile Phone with a Phone Tracker App

If your personal or one of your company’s mobile phones should ever be lost or stolen, you’ll easily find them with the phone tracker app. The app will show the exact location of the device and any activities anyone is performing on it.

You will immediately know if a thief used an app, made a call, or texted someone. What’s more, you will have an online control panel with login credentials for monitoring your devices. This will enable you to watch all your mobile phones remotely as long as you are connected to the Internet.