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Business Proposal Tips for Winning New Clients

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Chances are, you spent a great deal of time preparing your business proposal. However, the thought of presenting it makes you feel desperate, because you know you really need to win this client over. But prospective clients can easily sense desperation, and that is the quickest way to lose them. This article will help you to present your business proposal efficiently and effectively.


1. Cut to the Chase with Your Business Proposal at the Very Beginning

Your clients are busy, so don’t waste their precious time bragging about yourself and your company. Time is their most valuable asset. They certainly don’t want to waste it listening to your story. Therefore, never fumble with the projector, arrive late, or do anything of that sort. You’ll just annoy them, or even make them furious.

Start your business proposal by addressing your main point. In fact, preferably tap it in the very first minute as you begin your speech.

There is a good chance that your audience wants to ask you some questions, so state your main point in the very beginning. This will allow you to steer your presentation in the direction you want it to go, and still give them enough time to ask their questions.

2. Take a Break to Ask Questions

After speaking for a few minutes, break up your business proposal by asking some questions of your own. Again, this gives you the chance to guide the presentation from the front of the room, instead of having someone in the audience take it off course.

Here are a few sample questions that you can ask your audience to re-engage them or keep them engaged:

  • How will you define success with this project?
  • Have you opted for this approach in the past? If yes, what were the results? If no, what happened?
  • Is this a major challenge that your company is facing now?

3. Use PowerPoint Templates as a Guide

PowerPoint templates can be really helpful in creating as well as delivering a business proposal beautifully to your audience. These can keep audience members engaged and curious to know more about the topic you are presenting.

However, if you are making use of PowerPoint templates, then use them wisely according to the topic you are presenting. Choose a template that is visually captivating and one that your audience can comprehend at a glance.

Some presenters believe their slides should be heavy with text, especially when the topic is complex. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, select PowerPoint templates with powerful images, and then provide them with only essential text. You can fill in the details orally as you present your business proposal to your audience.

Research has shown that visual content engages audiences much more powerfully than text ever will. Therefore, smart presenters use more images than text.

4. Address Your Audience’s Concerns in Your Business Proposal

The way you respond to questions plays a determinant role in the success of your business proposal. In fact, your audience won’t trust you if you can’t answer their questions. They might even come to think that if you aren’t capable of delivering your presentation to them. And if that’s the case, how could they ever trust you with their business?

In short, if you can’t or won’t answer their questions, they will lose interest in your presentation.

All the same, you need to handle the complexities of their questions in a skillful way. So present your points with confidence, but don’t marginalize the people in the audience who disapprove of the solution you are offering. Instead, give them honest and concise responses, addressing their concerns.

5. Sell Your Vision, Not Facts

Clients absolutely detest presenters who drone on about their company or themselves while presenting a business proposal. Remember that they are there to get their questions answered, not to listen to your history.

Their interests are more along the lines of getting ahead of their competitors and gaining new customers while retaining their current ones. In fact, they would probably really like to double their profits.

Therefore, sell your company’s vision by providing them with solutions to their problems. Don’t bore them by giving them only dry facts and figures.

6. Make Sure Your Business Proposal Has a Clear Agenda

A business proposal is all about convincing prospective clients that you are their best bet. Therefore, your presentation should have a clear and compelling agenda. Begin by persuading them to consider your proposal and end your presentation by asking them to accept it.

To do this, make sure your business proposal covers the following points:


Start your business proposal by explaining the opportunities or challenges that your clients are overlooking. Make this part of your presentation as captivating as you can so that your audience will look forward to listening to your entire presentation.

State the Benefits

State the benefits your clients will receive if they sit through your entire business proposal presentation.

Showcase Your Plan

Showcase the plan that you have devised that will solve your prospective client’s problems.

Introduce Your Company

Explain about your company in brief, giving its background, history, and so on.

Ask for Their Business

End your presentation by asking your prospective clients for their business.

7. Let Your Stories Lead Your Business Proposal, Not the Data

Statistics are an important factor in any business proposal, but telling a story first will capture your audience’s attention. While clients will always look for data and statistics in your business proposal, they are not always equipped to understand the value of that data. So let your stories lead the way.

Start this part of your business proposal by narrating a story that is backed up by the data and research. The story can be simple. For example, outline your client’s needs and present those in a creative fashion. Then add an emotional appeal to your pitch to make it strong and memorable.

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Your Business Proposals Are Key to Your Success

Presenting a business proposal efficiently is key to your success. Use these tips and present your business proposals in such a way that your prospective clients will love them. Practice these points and soon you’ll be getting yeses from your clients every time!

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