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7 Marketing Tactics to Boost Traffic to Your Site

For any online business, traffic is paramount. No traffic equals no money. No matter how good your service or product might be, you must have a flow of people coming to your site. If you want to drive traffic, then starting a blog is a must. Once that’s up and running, here are seven more ways to boost traffic via various channels of marketing.

1. Advertise to Boost Traffic

Advertising options such as paid search, social media advertising, display advertising, and many others are smart ways of boosting traffic to your website. This is also a great way of building your brand and getting your business out there.

However, you’ll need to review your paid strategies to suit your marketing needs. Think about whether you want to have more traffic or whether you are just looking to increase your conversions. Every paid option has its benefits and drawbacks. This is why you need to think carefully about your objectives before you spend money on advertising options.

2. Use Social Media Channels

Producing great content is okay, but it is not enough. This is because you need to make sure people can find your content.

Therefore, promote your content on social media. For example, you can use Twitter for short, snappy, and tempting links.

You can also use Facebook promotion to boost traffic. For example, you can make your website show up in personalized search results. You can also make a lot of progress with image-oriented social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Just use the social platform that works best for you and capitalize on the market available there.

3. Write Irresistible Headlines

Headlines are a vital part of your content. Moreover, if your headlines are not compelling then people won’t read your blog even when you have the best content. So master the art of headline writing and start coming up with the best possible. This is a great way to boost traffic to your site.

It’s important to think carefully about your headline before you publish your posts. So write several versions of each headline and choose the one that’s the most compelling. In other words, choose the headline that will get more clicks.

4. Pay Attention to SEO

Optimizing your content for search engines is still a very important practice, and you need to practice all the important SEO strategies if you want to boost traffic to your site. Make the most of image alt text, and create internal links to new content.

Also, add meta descriptions, use high-intent keywords as well as popular keywords for your niche. What’s more, don’t forget those long-tail keywords. Both on-page and general SEO will help in boosting traffic. In short, never ignore the SEO aspect if you want to boost traffic to your online business.

5. Interview Industry Thought Leaders

Interviews are not only for the big leaguers. Many people are willing to talk to you about specific subjects related to your industry if you just ask them. Moreover, a compelling interview with a trusted thought leader can definitely boost traffic to your site.

Begin by sending out emails to thought leaders in your industry requesting an interview with them. After writing up the interviews, post them on your blog. The name recognition will boost your credibility considerably, and it will certainly boost traffic to your website, too. The interviewee will most likely share your content as well. This will increase its reach and drive even more traffic to your site.


6. Remember That Traditional Methods Still Work for Boosting Traffic

Don’t be so focused on attracting new customers through content marketing that you forget about traditional methods.

One of the old school methods of boosting traffic is email marketing, and it is a powerful tool. Remember that a good email blast can result in an impressive increase in traffic. Just be careful not to fall into the habit of bombarding your email contacts with relentless emails about every post on your site.

On the other hand, a friendly email reminder about a new service or product to already existing customers has been known to give traffic a real boost. This is because the chances are good that your customers will spread the word among their friends and family.

7. Boost Traffic by Making Your Site Responsive

It is important to make your website responsive. Why? Because the days when people browsed the Internet on desktop PC’s are no more. Currently, a large percentage of Internet users use mobile devices to access the web. And if you want to boost traffic to your site, you need to make it easy for lots of people to access your content on whatever device they’re using.

If they struggle, they will most likely move to another site where they can easily find similar content. So make sure your website is accessible and that anyone can view it comfortably across a range of devices—even the tiny smart devices.

As you make your site more responsive, also make sure the pages are technically optimized and that they load fast. Be careful with such things as image file sizes, page structure, and the functions of third-party plugins. All of them should be as efficient as possible.

The faster your site loads the more time visitors will spend on it. Moreover, they’re more likely to keep coming back and invite their friends to visit your site, too.