Creating for Instagram: How to Offer Consistent and Inspired Content

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It is not always easy to have the necessary inspiration to design, create, and implement Instagram advertising campaigns. Also, you need to reach your target audience to make a profit while using Instagram. Therefore we suggest you buy real Instagram followers to enjoy more profit. Yet, the impact of successful Instagram campaigns is undeniable. As leaders of commerce, we must put all our effort into planning and creating the best Instagram advertising campaigns possible for the success of our companies and organizations. 

In this article, I will provide you with a brief analysis of what creative Instagram advertisements should include. I will also offer advice about where to find inspiration for a creative ad at any moment.

Return on Investment

To get started, let’s consider one of the social media advertising greats on Instagram. Abacus Agency is one of the leading Facebook and Instagram advertising agencies currently at work for companies and organizations like yours. The initial goal of the company was to drive better ROI (Return on Investment) through clients’ paid social ads. They quickly became the #1 Instagram Ad Agency because of their work. Just after two years of service, they have outlined the perfect formula to launch any Instagram Ad Campaign into trendiest seas.

By following the success stories of companies like Abacus Agency we will take a look at how you can offer creative Instagram advertisements to your potential customers.


Basics of Instagram Advertising

You can learn from the best artists in the market just by looking at their ads. However, you must meet some basic requirements for your ads to get the best results. There are a variety of Instagram ad types, but successful ads share some common characteristics. For instance, Instagram ads should meet each of the following:

  • 100% exploited text space (without exceeding 20% ​​in the image).
  • Image quality attuned to the ad location (feed or story).
  • Concise and direct messages.
  • Optimal use of relevant #hashtags.
  • A clear call to action

Gaining Inspiration

Every artist needs inspiration and the art of advertising is no different. Instagram ads must be visually appealing in order to gain the attention of potential customers. Here are some of the options for finding the images that will get you noticed.

Instagram’s Search Engine

Precisely, one of the best sources of inspiration for Instagram ads is the search engine of the social network itself. This works for two main reasons. First, this channel communicates with the main news and features of Instagram to design ads and advertising campaigns. Second, Instagram offers an extensive library of photographs and videos published by users. The images span any subject and can help spark ideas for your own ads. Simply search for keywords similar to your ad subject or sector and let the system (and the competition) work for you.

Photo Editing Blogs

Trending photography and illustration experts will help you generate ideas for all kinds of ads. These are professionals with an eye for creative ways to communicate. As they say, “an image is worth a thousand words”!  Let those who know imagery be your source and guide. For example:

  • Adobe Photoshop blog | This is the leading photo editing software on the market. In its blog, Adobe Photoshop shares striking creations from image-editing professionals, as well as different uses of filters and contrasts applicable in Instagram Ads.
  • Polaroid Blog | One of the maxims of this brand is design and aesthetic care. A review of their content will help you enhance your ad ideas, content, and format.
  • PicsArt Blog | Here, you will find many ideas to create the best Instagram ads. 
Colorful Chameleon
Photo by George Lebada from Pexels

Established Brands and Influencers 

Undoubtedly, another good way to get inspiration for your Instagram ads is to research the profiles of the best influencer accounts on Instagram.

For example, GoPro is a manufacturer of cameras that shares with its Instagram community images with that special GoPro wide-angle perspective. Another company, Skyscanner, saturates its Instagram posts on spooky landscapes, impressive cities, and imposing monuments.

From these types of accounts, you can extract and be inspired by powerful, quality images. Mix, combine and tweak material and ideas until that “ah-ha!” moment happens.

Branding in Instagram

Acquiring a large image library can aid you in developing your ad campaigns. But that’s just a start. You must build your ad formula to engage users with image, text/messaging, and action.  You must also give careful consideration to your brand. Even in the most creative ad campaigns, you cannot afford for consumers to lose sight of your brand. Pay close attention to trends in design; colors and themes throughout the marketing world.

Understand that to create a long-lasting effect on consumers your ad will need to have meaning to their psyche. Consider successful advertising campaigns of famous brands that you have encountered. Each one has a consistent essence unique to them that connects with their type of consumer. That connection is also what you must create with your ad messaging. Think of it as a special creative touch that will make everyone say: “Oh, it’s you!”


Your creativity must apply not only to advertisements but also in your daily stories and publications your own Instagram feed. To do this, keep your ad content related to your product/service themes to build harmony and consistency with the consumer.

For example, create and follow a sequence of media releases on a predictable schedule, then build ads that can be used in various areas on the Instagram platform. For example, offer – 2 videos, 1 graphic or GIF, and 3 publications per month. Your ad campaign will then use imagery pertinent to the sequence content while maintaining your branding.

The sequence that you set will subconsciously provide your visitors with a sense of connection with your brand. Additionally, the algorithms for their user feed will pick up their visit to your Instagram identity, and push your content to their feed. This increases the chance that your ad will be shared and engaged with.