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Essential Services: 5 We Cannot Live Without

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Whether you’re a business owner or not, there are certain services we all depend on. We consider five of these essential services in this article.

Plumbing and Sewage Services

Have you ever considered how difficult it would be to live without clean water? Worse yet, can you imagine living without plumbing when you need it?

Many of us have become accustomed to modern life. In fact, many of us could never imagine ourselves without access to essential services such as plumbing and sewage. Certainly, easy access to plumbing and sewage makes our lives much easier.

And while most of us give these amenities little thought, they certainly constitute essential services. For one thing, they keep our homes and businesses clean and sanitary. However, most of us probably take them for granted unless something breaks down.

EPA Regulations

EPA regulations guide the actions of some of the essential services we deal with every day.

The EPA is a regulatory agency of the US government. It was established in 1970 by President Richard Nixon. The acronym EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency. The role of the EPA is to to ensure that the environment we live in is actually livable. As one example, the EPA regulates water.

This agency works with the essential services that test our water system for contaminants. The EPA has set a standard or limit for the allowed number of contaminates they will allow in our water system. While our water system is not perfect, the EPA guarantees us that our water system will not go beyond a certain level of contaminants that can affect human health.

Business owners and other individuals who want a better water system can go a step further by ordering water filters and such. You can also reach out to water treatment companies such as Merus for an economical solution. Those who do so may well consider these companies to be essential services that make their lives easier.

Pest Control Services

Imagine going to sleep expecting to get a good night’s rest, only to be awakened by bed bugs biting your ankles. Or perhaps you have discovered that cockroaches have infested your kitchen.

Many people are squeamish about bugs. Moreover, many insects carry germs. We simply don’t want to share our homes and businesses with them.

For this reason, many people consider pest control companies to be essential services. Pest control companies allow you the freedom of sleeping easily at night, enjoying your home during the day, and offering a bug-free place of business to your customers.

Pet Grooming Services

For pet lovers, the ability to have access to pet grooming services is priceless. Pet grooming services will pamper your pet by bathing it, trimming its fur, cleaning its teeth, and more. If you have a pet, your pet grooming service is likely near the top of the list of your essential services.



Nearly everyone, regardless of age and background, has experienced having to go to the hospital at some point in their life. Hospitals offer services that allow people to be diagnosed and treated for illness or pain. For example, hospitals help women to give birth and treat patients suffering from cancer. Anyone who has ever had to be treated at a hospital appreciates the services they offer.

Feeling Grateful for Services We Usually Take for Granted

Every now and then, everyone should take time out to reflect on how privileged our lives are, especially if we live in the developed world. So take a moment today to express gratitude for these essential services.