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Get Coverage for Unexpected Vehicle Breakdowns

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If your small business depends on uninterrupted transportation of your products to your customers or some other aspect of your operation, you likely rely heavily on your own fleet of vehicles. And in the case of unexpected breakdowns in one or more of your vehicles, your company’s workflow can really take a hit.

But what can your company do to mitigate the effects of costly vehicle breakdowns? One solution is to turn to an established organization such as Palmer Administrative Services.


What Is Palmer Administrative Services?

You really can’t predict when a particular vehicle in your fleet is going to need repair. However, when an automobile accident or a vehicle breakdown occurs, a small company’s cash flow could suffer.

Here is where Palmer Administrative Services steps in. They are unique. Their auto protection services will cover the cost of unexpected vehicle breakdowns.

How Does Palmer Help with Breakdowns?

Palmer Administrative Services maintains high standards when it comes to taking care of their clients. They offer a wide range of auto protection plans to protect clients in the event of vehicle breakdowns.

Partnering with Palmer assures you of a lifetime extended auto protection plan. You have your choice of various flexible payment options and suitable protection plans.

Thereafter, when one of your vehicles has a breakdown, the Palmer claims department will process your claim quickly using an advanced system for dealing with repair costs. Clients are guaranteed full protection from a highly rated company.

What If My Claim Is for an Accident and Not a Simple Breakdown?

On the other hand, if one or more of your vehicles has been involved in an accident, associates at Palmer Administrative Services will take care of your claim processing. Without delay, they will see that your vehicle is repaired.

Moreover, the company has been in operation for more than three decades and has a reputation for integrity. Their employees have extensive experience and understand how inconvenient unexpected vehicle breakdowns can be. They strive to satisfy all their customers, and they treat each one with dignity and respect.

They have formulated effective solutions to help their clients plan for vehicle breakdowns and save money. Palmer Administrative Services has several plans that work well for their clients. When you partner with them, they will guide you on specific ways you can plan for possible future breakdowns.

What Are the Plans That Will Help Me in Case of a Breakdown?

Elite Exclusionary Plan

The Elite Exclusionary Plan varies by state due to regulatory differences. However, coverage services and limits for your state are described in detail in the company’s manual.

Basic Plan

The Palmer Basic Plan covers the engine, which is the major component of any car. This plan is best for older vehicles, as it helps clients save money on unexpected repairs.

Powertrain Plan

The Palmer Powertrain Plan works well for people who want to maintain and use their vehicles for a long time. This plan protects the vehicle owner from expensive repairs and could even save a Palmer client thousands in the case of a breakdown.

Royal Select Plan

The Royal Select plan is for owners of new cars, and it covers various repairs. Protected parts include pistons, main bearings, rotors, and other internal rotary engine parts.

What Are My Payment Options?

Palmer provides advice to clients on their optimal plan as well as their payment options. What’s more, the Palmer customer care desk is open for extended hours to take claims and offer assistance to clients.


Palmer Administrative Services provides extended protection plans that protect clients from the stress and worry over unexpected repair bills when vehicles break down. The payment process is straightforward, and the mechanic can even be paid by credit card over the phone.

So don’t worry about vehicle breakdowns anymore. Partner with Palmer Administrative Services and plan on saving a lot of money.