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If your company is the newest kid on the block, the first thing you need to do is run a brand awareness campaign. There are several key marketing techniques you can use to good effect. In this post, we discuss four of those tactics.

Put Your Brand in the Public Eye

A lot of marketing comes down to two main objectives: brand awareness and conversion.

These are two major positions within the marketing funnel that your prospective customers traverse before they purchase anything from you.

Conversion is the stage prospective customers enter just before they choose to buy. However, the main challenge for the newest of companies is that no one knows about them yet. Therefore, they have no one in their marketing funnel.

This is where brand awareness comes in.

Turn to Public Relations for Greater Brand Awareness

Public relations, or PR, is a great way of getting your name before your audience. PR can be free, but in order to make it work, you need to have something to say.

In other words, you can put out an informative press release. However, if you make it overly promotional, it will be sure to fall flat.

So do write that press release—or hire an experienced copywriter to write it for you. But make sure you’re covering a newsworthy topic such as a store opening, a big recruiting effort, or a growth story.

The more impressive the story, the more likely you are to get free coverage from your local news outlets.

Banner Advertising Can Help

Traditional banner advertising may not be the sexiest marketing technique, but it’s a tried and trusted method of increasing brand awareness.

Banner advertising starts with a great design and a quality print job. For a good example, Printmoz Decals can make you exactly the banners you want.

Once you have your design, you can print banners for your physical office, as well as pop-up banners and brochures for events you’re planning to go to. This will help to drum up brand awareness in your immediate area. This kind of marketing is so important for local companies.

Ads on Social Media Generate Brand Awareness

Advertising on social media is another clever way to build more brand awareness. The main advantage of social media advertising is that you can choose a specific audience to put your ads in front of.

This means that the chances of this audience being interested in your product will be much higher, assuming that you’re careful in your selection. When you set up your ads, you can set your budget and maximum spend. This makes it easier to know how much you’re spending on your advertising campaign, compared with the results you’re getting.

But make sure to choose the right platform for you and your product or service. For some businesses, LinkedIn will be the perfect place to target ads. For others, Snapchat might be the best choice.


Paid Advertising Builds Brand Awareness

Advertising in magazines and local newspapers is another terrific way to get your brand noticed. Similar to your banners, you should have a distinctive logo that catches the eye.

Unlike PR, you can be as promotional as you like on your paid ads. So make sure to list all the benefits of your service or product. Also, include a compelling call to action. For example, urge people to contact you through your website or give your phone number.

Additionally, you could contact a pay per click advertising firm to help you improve your company’s digital marketing efforts.

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