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AidaForm: A Simple Way to Build the Forms You Need

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One of the newest members in the form-building software family is AidaForm. In this post we offer a brief review of its features and benefits.

Forms are an important part of many online businesses. One of the chief ways businesses use forms is to collect data. Then they can create a company database for keeping track of visitors to their website. A standardized form encourages website visitors from various sources to provide information about themselves with varying degrees of detail.


Therefore, small businesses need form-building software that provides different types of forms. Additionally, it can be useful if those forms provide choices in responses so that site visitors can answer in a variety of ways. While Google Forms provides a simple choice when it comes to creating forms, that platform can leave much to be desired.

However, many small companies don’t have the resources to design and develop the specific forms they need. There are solutions, of course. These include TypeForm, Wufoo, Jotform, and others. Each has its own unique benefits. However, they each have their disadvantages as well.


AidaForm aims to fill the gaps in the form-building niche.

AidaForm: An Overview

What Is AidaForm?

AidaForm is an online form-building platform for small-business owners who want to develop, handle, and interpret specific consumer forms. To this end, AidaForm gives you the ability to build and host different types of forms, from online surveys to job applications, by using its extensive template repository.

What Makes AidaForm Stand Out Among Other Form-Building Platforms?

AidaForm streamlines workflows in form construction. For example, you won’t need to understand HTML with this online form builder. All you’ll need to do is drag and drop specific items, such as queries or contact details.

AidaForm also removes the need for most external system integrations, such as those usually required for generating forms and gathering responses. Moreover, the platform allows you to build and change the format of your forms to suit your needs. Also, you can display and view customer responses, all within the same platform. AidaForm is economical, while its usability and functionality make it unique.

How Are the Best Online Forms Created?

Instead of tying yourself in knots by trying to learn HTML so you can code an online structure with which you are unfamiliar, turn to AidaForm.

This unique platform will enable you to create whatever online forms you need, and do so easily and effectively. Moreover, you’ll be able to change the layout and design of each form as your company’s needs change.

The visual form builder in AidaForm provides all the elements you’ll need. Plus, you can quickly create more than simple sign-up forms. For example, you can build forms for processing invoices and payments, as well as forms for consumer reviews, surveys, and more.

What’s more, creating a form requires only a few minutes with AidaForm. Then, once you have your form just the way you need it, you can publish it on the website. There, all your data is kept safe in your account. Alternatively, you can publish your forms on your own website or on a social networking site.

What Are AidaForm’s Features?

AidaForm is a powerful tool for building online forms. Its full array of already-built templates gives you a starting point, allowing you to build web forms quickly and easily.

To find out more about what we mean, give the AidaForm online order form template a try for free.

You can design an order form with this template that will allow you to collect orders with or without advance payments, then integrate it with a payment platform such as PayPal or Stripe.

With AidaForm you can:

  • Apply a selection of various themes to give you precisely the form you need in the design that works best for your business.
  • Analyze and review details about customers’ responses to your forms on the AidaForm web interface. Or, if you prefer, you can export them for further analysis into Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Make use of a wide range of fields, including records, decisions, deadlines, fields of signatures, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, and more.
  • Use optimized MailChimp, Zapier, and Dropbox integrations to transfer information from those apps.
  • Access and link to files and documents located elsewhere online or within your own files.

Your new forms’ connections will generate HTML code directly, which you can then transfer to a website.

What Are AidaForm’s Essential Benefits?

Create Forms Quickly and Easily with AidaForm’s Online Form Builder

AidaForm’s most impressive feature is its online form builder. This framework gives you the ability to construct forms that are truly adaptable. Here, you’ll find a vast array of possible solutions that will make online conversions a snap.

You’ll quickly find that the forms you build on AidaForm will substantially increase the performance and reliability of your own processes.

Publish and Share with a Single Click

Once you have finished designing your form, your next stop is publishing. With AidaForm’s publication options you can make your forms accessible to your users with a single click.

View and Analyze Responses

AidaForm provides a graphic tool for evaluating and examining your visitors’ responses to your forms. All the relevant information from processes related to your form is collected and registered. Then the AidaForm web interface presents that data to you in easy-to-understand graphics, making data analysis a breeze.

Why Should You Use AidaForm?

AidaForm is based on the AIDA model, a principle marketers and advertisers have used since the 19th century. The letters in the acronym AIDA stand for “attention,” “interest,” “desire,” and “action.”

In other words, the forms you create with AidaForm will be designed to attract your potential clients’ attention. Then prospects will become interested in what you have to offer. Further, your forms will then inspire their desire for your product or service so they take action.

Some of AidaForm’s most important aspects will allow you to:

  • Apply add-ons such as CAPTCHA and Google Maps.
  • Provide multiple choices for answers to questions on your forms.
  • Include a wide range of information within forms.
  • Transfer documents and complete other online processes.
  • Analyze collected data from users’ responses with an array of informative views on the AidaForm web interface.
  • Adapt the type of form you create to align with your company’s needs, then modify it further if you choose.


AidaForm will allow you to build the forms your small business needs quickly, easily, and economically. Once you have given AidaForm a try, you’ll wish you had found this platform sooner.