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3 Digital Marketing Techniques to Benefit Your Business

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In this article, we offer three digital marketing techniques that your business can benefit from, and a few pointers on where to start.


You might hear the phrase “digital marketing” thrown around often. By now, it might sound like just another meaningless buzzword in a world of impenetrable online wonders. But actually, digital marketing encompasses a number of vital techniques. The three we discuss here are absolutely necessary for any business looking to develop their online presence.

So let’s get started.

1. Digital Marketing Techniques with Social Media

We’re not going to lecture you on why you simply can’t do social media without the help of James Hopkins Marketing. You probably already know that it’s an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. In fact, social media marketing or a must for any 21st century business.

But if you’re just getting started developing your brand’s online profile, there are a few key pointers to consider.

For instance, you might think the most important thing is to get yourself a profile set up on every available platform as soon as possible. However, this technique might not be the most productive strategy in your digital marketing toolkit.

If your business has the time and resources to create perfect bespoke content for every single social media platform, that’s great news.

But for most businesses, you’re probably better off focusing your energy on the platforms your customers are most likely to use. For example, a clothing brand aimed at 18- to 25-year-olds might fare better with a digital marketing technique that focuses on Instagram.

On the other hand, an eyewear brand targeting an older demographic would probably see more results from Facebook or YouTube.

If you need some inspiration for improving your digital marketing techniques on social media, this list is a great beginner’s guide to social media for businesses.

2.  Web Design Techniques as an Element of Digital Marketing

Web design is another crucial facet of digital marketing. When done correctly, the techniques you employ in web design can make all the difference in your digital marketing strategy. In fact, good web design can make your online presence more trustworthy. This is especially true if you design your site to for easy accessibility.

Bear in mind that for many potential customers, your website may be their first experience of your business. Therefore, your site needs to reflect everything that makes you great.

A poorly designed site that looks outdated and confusing will deter people instantly. On the other hand, a smartly constructed website that is easy to use will win them over in seconds.

Mobile web design techniques are another important factor in your overall digital marketing strategy. However, if you dismiss or overlook this area, your painstakingly created desktop site will reach fewer than 50% of users.

These days, more searches than ever come from mobile devices. Therefore, you need to make your site easily accessible to people who rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO), put simply, is a means of increasing your business’s prominence on search engines.

There are numerous tried and tested techniques for building your online presence organically, and you can use them to develop a powerful digital marketing strategy. SEO comes in many different forms. It can range from onsite content to offsite linking-building and beyond.


For those starting out, the technical aspects of SEO can be difficult to get your head around. Therefore, it’s well worth enlisting professional help. Leeds SEO agency Maratopia are SEO pros. They can help you get your optimization mission off the ground. Moreover, they won’t leave you behind when it comes to the more complex elements.


Make good use of this list of digital marketing techniques. They can help your business build its online presence quickly and smoothly.

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