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Office efficiency can mean the difference between creating a thriving business and closing the doors on your dreams.

But productivity can be difficult to define. Moreover, being efficient is about more than regulating the office under a dictatorship of rules and regulations. It is about creating a workplace that allows employees to spend their days in an atmosphere of satisfaction and personal growth.


Here are some ideas on how to improve office efficiency and establish a productive workspace.

Work Hours

Did you know that people’s genetic clocks are different? This means some perform best in the morning, while others work better late into the night.

Although it is counter to what many people believe, research shows that providing flexible working hours to valuable employees creates an office environment of efficiency. What’s more, your employees will experience more creativity and happiness no matter which time of night or day they work.

Allowing people to choose their own hours and to work from home is just part of the new outlook on office efficiency.

Cloud Phones for a More Efficient Office

One of the most critical components of any business is the relationship that a company has with its customers. Telephones have long been used to allow consumers to contact companies during business hours. Using cloud phones, customers can place orders, make complaints, or ask marketing questions.

You can now update your phone system with a Unified Communications cloud phone. Then, people can conveniently reach you or your company 24 hours a day. This is especially helpful in the modern global economy. This advanced technology brings business communications up to a whole new level. It will allow your company’s office headquarters to become more efficient.

Meeting Blues

Meetings that drag on for longer than necessary are considered one of the biggest financial and time drains in American companies, according to researchers. What’s more, businesses spend more than $30 billion spent each year to hold those conferences, seminars, and team chats. It is no wonder most business owners wonder if they are not wasting money and time as speakers drone on.

Thankfully, modern technology and management tools have reduced the number of face-to-face get-togethers most organizations found necessary in the past. For one thing, information can be compressed. Therefore, people can send it in, for example, a simple video message. That saves billions of dollars that businesses can allocate to other areas.

Team Facts

Communication among employees in a productive office environment can encourage teams to be more efficient, creative, and innovative. With that creativity comes a sense of satisfaction that can affect personal well-being and overall health among team members. This means less stress and more productivity. No matter what type of business you run, if you have happy teams of employees working together, chances are the information flow will benefit from their positivity.

Technology Updates

As technology advances at lightning-fast speeds each year, it can be difficult for business owners to stay on top of industry developments. Whether your employees work at the office or from home, they will need an efficient system for data input, information retrieval, and team communication. 


Virtual whiteboards, cloud spaces, and mobile conference calls are just some of the many ways tech-savvy management teams are finding to keep employees connected in this fast-paced world. While shopping for updates, do not forget to include headphones, flash drives, and carrying cases in your order.

The Efficient and Productive Office

As employees seek a sense of autonomy and self-worth from the many hours they spend working each week, employers must find management alternatives to the old strategies of office control. With the right tools and team engagement plans, your business can boost morale, create long-term employees, and increase efficiency. As efficiency grows, productivity will too—and so will your business.