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Let Employees Design the New Workspace After Relocation

Statistics show that among businesses that recently relocated, only businesses that allowed their employees to be an active part of the moving process were successful afterward. So if you’re planning on a company relocation, be sure to allow employees to have a hand in designing their new workspace.

Don’t Sacrifice Employee Flexibility to Relocation

Do you pay attention to employee retention? Are job satisfaction, performance, and productivity important to you? If you answered yes to these questions, then let employees have a say in how, when, and where they would like to work.

For example, businesses that offer workers a choice of schedules enable employees to have a better work-life balance. Employees at those companies are more productive than workers at companies that don’t offer such choices.

Additionally, workers are more likely to stay for the long term with employers who offer flexibility. In other words, employees like being able to choose whether they will work part time, full time, or flexible hours. Also, many employees appreciate the opportunity to work from home. What’s more, flexible working arrangements make your business more attractive to potential employees.

If you already offer flexible working arrangements to your employees, don’t sacrifice that flexibility just because the company is relocating. And if you don’t already offer flexible arrangements to employees, now is the perfect time to begin.


Do What Works in Company Relocations

The record of recent business relocations with iMoving local moving companies shows that not every business that moved was able to survive afterward.

In fact, only businesses that allowed their employees to be an active part of the moving process were successful. On the other hand, businesses that let their employees have a hand in what their workspace looked and felt like enjoyed a significant boost in performance and productivity.

Use your company’s relocation as an opportunity to let employees make decisions about their future workspace. You might be surprised at their creative and innovative suggestions that can help them perform their best.

Here Are Some Tips That Can Help

If you are moving to a new office, here are some of the ways you can involve employees in the planning process:

Get an Early Start with Your Relocation Plan

As soon as you are sure about the relocation or redesigning plan of the business, convey this information to your employees. This will help them mentally get prepared for the big change. Plus, it will also allow them enough time to think of changes they want to make in their workspace to provide for greater personal and professional growth.

Delegate the Project Management Responsibility

You will need a project manager to take care of the company relocation project. You can choose this individual from your current team after ensuring that he or she has an interest in the process.

The project manager serves as a the point of contact for everyone involved in the process. Besides answering to the queries of the employees about the project, the project manager will also be responsible for other duties as well. For example, this person will coordinate with vendors, suppliers, employees, and the company’s management team, ensuring timeliness as well as transparency.

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Form a Relocation Planning Committee

Whether you are relocating the company or just redesigning the office, a dedicated committee for the big process can come in handy.

There will be a lot of tasks that need attention. For example, you’ll need an inventory. Someone will need to pack all the valuables and ensure transparent communication with the company’s various stakeholders. The company’s relocation planning committee will be responsible for the entire process.

So instead of hiring external sources to do all the planning for your relocation, engage your current employees. When employees are a part of the planning process they will have a stake in the outcome. They will be more interested in the process as it unfolds and more trust in the company for the long term.

Get Lots of Feedback Before, During, and After

You might not be able to ask all employees to be active participants in the relocation process. However, you need to communicate with them regularly about the progress of the relocation. What’s more, you must be open to their feedback.

To keep employees informed, post pictures of the new workspace on social media as the project progresses. Make sure the posts are open to comments as well.

If you are uneasy about posting sensitive company information on social media, put up a notice board in the common areas at the old location. Additionally, organize follow-up meetings where employees can come together, discuss the progress, and provide feedback.


Incorporate Employees’ Ideas

As important as it is to ask for feedback, it is even more important that you incorporate that advice wherever possible.

Naturally, you won’t be able to use every employee’s ideas, so be sure to have a good explanation for the ideas you have to reject. If possible, take votes for employees’ ideas. However, this plan will only work if you’re committed to following the will of the group, no matter what.

Relocating Can Be Safe and Quick Without Disrupting Company Performance

Business downtime is the most distressing aspect of a remodeling, redesigning, or relocation project. However, it is possible to make your office relocation safe and quick without disrupting company performance.

For best results, cater to the needs of your employees as much as you can. This will ensure high morale when they are introduced to their new work settings.


Finally, be sure to chalk out the costs associated with the process, especially in the case of a relocation. But keep in mind that there could be hidden costs that catch you by surprise.

When you decide to relocate your company, ensure a successful process and limit downtime by making your current workforce your relocation team. Rely on these tips to help you make your employees a core part of your project. When you do, you will achieve greater success with your company move, as well as more employee satisfaction overall.