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Use Robot Simulation Software Before Deploying Cobots

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Before you deploy cobots in your manufacturing concern, take advantage of robot simulation software and minimize your risks. Read about the reasons why here.


Collaborative robots, or cobots, are perfect for the modern manufacturing environment. They afford small and medium-sized companies easy access to the benefits of automation without occupying a lot of space, thanks to their size.

They are easy to deploy and reprogram. This is something that makes them great for markets with ever-changing needs and demands. And they can collaborate with human workers. Because of this, they allow for a perfect mix of robotic precision and human intuition when it comes to both execution and decision-making.

However, while these robots are easy to install, there is always a risk of getting things wrong when it comes to their installation. You can make mistakes when it comes to their positioning or their range of motion. You can also end up getting a robot that isn’t a perfect fit for the job you have in mind. To avoid these risks, take advantage of robot software that can simulate a real working environment. Here are the reasons why using robot simulation software is always advisable.

Minimize Downtime with Robot Simulation Software

When you are deploying new robots, you want to minimize the downtime. Longer downtimes are costly. This is because one still incurs fixed costs like labor and renting costs even when they aren’t producing anything. There is also the fact that it can lead to delays that may eventually cause customer dissatisfaction.

One of the reasons why it may take longer to deploy cobots is figuring out how to position them. This is so especially in cases where a company is working with limited space. The positioning of the cobot may also be a concern in cases where one wants to optimize performance.

Don’t try to figure out how to position cobots on the floor after already shutting things down. Instead, you can solve this problem ahead of time by using robot simulation software. Doing so will ensure that by the time the installation process starts, you already know where everything is going to go. This will go a long way toward shortening downtime during the installation and deployment process.

Robot Simulation Software Will Reduce the Risks of Damage

Good simulation software is accurate. It can give you details to such an extent that you can tell the cobots’ range of motion. This, in addition to details about size and motion paths that the robot may have to take, can be used to increase the safety of a robot work cell. And since accidents can lead up to costly injuries and extensive damage to property, this will help to save you money. It will help you to avoid the costs of workplace injury claims. It will also reduce the odds of untimely repairs.


It Lets You Optimize for Performance

With advanced simulation software, you will be able to play around with the robot models without having to worry about the costs of getting it wrong. You can try out different types of robot models, end effectors, floor layouts, and almost any combination of processes. This will allow you to figure out how best to maximize productivity.

Since all you are dealing with is software, this will give you a lot of room for experimentation. Therefore, it will make you more willing to try out creative solutions to some of the problems that you are already facing. And it will thus make it easier for you to get the most out of your collaborative robots.

Furthermore, by playing around with the robot models, you can also figure out whether the available robots are good enough to handle the tasks you need to automate in your plant. As a result, the right robot simulation software can save you from making purchasing decisions that you will end up regretting.

It is important to note that robot simulation software is only good when it is accurate. To get any of these benefits, the models have to move and perform their tasks the way real robots would. Therefore, your choice of software will go a long way in determining whether you can reap these benefits.